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Zero Waste Challenge

Zero Waste Challenge

Start a Zero Waste Challenge

Although we are already a few months into 2017, there is always time to make a difference and create a resolution which works for you. You may not have realised the amount of waste you are disposing of every single day; however, this could be a resolution to think about. It’s actually scary how much we actually throw away on a daily basis.

One way to make sure you cut down on your waste would be to start a ‘zero waste challenge’ for a minimum of a month and extend this is you can stick to it. Sticking to this challenge wouldn’t be the hardest job in the world, but takes a bit of thinking about before you start. There are many benefits for you – including a huge cut in your outgoings on wasted food and other waste you produce, but also helping the planet at the same time.

Want to know more? Here are a few changes you can make to reduce the amount of waste you create:

1. Drink tap water

By purchasing bottled water, you are also purchasing plastic bottles each time, which is a huge waste. Although these bottles can get disposed of in your recycling bins, buying water in plastic bottles constantly means that some are bound to get dumped on landfill by accident. If you can, try and grin and bear it for the month challenge to see how you can get with tap water alone – you may not even notice the difference! According to a recent survey, over half of people actually prefer the taste of tap water to bottled water. So, who knows? You may never look back!

Drink tap water

2. Food waste

If for one month you can handle buying necessities, over cravings and junk food, this challenge is definitely worth a try! Over 7 million tonnes of food is disposed of each year, therefore something needs to be done. Aim to cut down on the amount of food you throw away into your litter bin. Over the month, you may notice how you have developed cleaner eating and food habits, rather than purchasing on a whim and throwing good food away.

3. Junk mail

The average household gets around 1000 pieces of junk mail through the letterbox each year; a whopping number when most if the time, we have signed ourselves up for it. If you shop online, try and refrain from signing up for junk mail when making a purchase. Those 1000 pieces of paper often get dumped on landfill. As part of your month’s zero waste policy, if you happen to be purchasing online, ensure that you haven’t signed up for physical mailings and if you do receive them, dispose of them into the recycling bin after use.

4. Packaging

If you need to buy household products and groceries within your zero-waste challenge, try and buy products with substantially less packaging. Opt for items which can be sold individually, or choose plastic bottled items which can easily be refillable for other uses. There are many ways you can cut down on packaging, however find a way that is most suitable for your lifestyle.

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