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Green Celebrity Facts - Cameron Diaz

Green Celebrity Facts - Cameron Diaz

Green Celebrity Facts

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is a celebrity who is very much informed about pressing environmental issues. She attended environmental training ran by ex-US Vice President Al Gore along with members of the public and she took it upon herself to spread the messages she picked up from it.

As well as starring in various campaigns geared towards environmental protection, she does as much as possible in her private life to protect the environment. Here are some green celebrity facts about Cameron Diaz:

She appeared in an advert for the SOS environmental campaign in the U.S

Along with other celebrities, she appeared in the campaign which was designed to inform people about what they could do in their own homes to help the planet. The campaign covered recycling, saving water, and turning down the thermostat among other things.

She recycles almost everything

She said that her grandmother recycled and reused almost everything, and she passed this habit down to her.

She saves energy

She is careful with energy consumption at home. She monitors her electricity and water use, and her thermostat.

The car she drives is a hybrid

She has driven a Toyota Prius hybrid before it became ‘fashionable’ to be environmentally friendly.

Toyota Prius Hybrid

She believes everyone can do their bit to protect the planet

The actress believes that everyone can do their bit, and the information on how you can protect the planet is so widely available and easily found online.

She believes that protecting the environment starts at home; with being aware of your energy consumption, and recycling as much as you possibly can.

She contributed to a book about the environment.

The ‘Green Book’ is full of useful information about how people can live in a more environmentally friendly way. The book’s message is that looking after the planet is not about cutting down on everything in your life, it’s about balancing our lifestyles with the needs of the planet.

She starred in an eco-themed show on MTV

The show was called ‘Trippin’, and along with other celebrity friends such as Drew Barrymore, she went to places around the world such as Nepal, Chile, Costa Rica, parts of Africa, Patagonia, and Yellowstone Park on their home soil, to educate people about the environment.

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