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Green Celebrities - Pierce Brosnan

Green Celebrities - Pierce Brosnan

Green Champions: Green Celebrities

Pierce Brosnan

He may be most well- known for his role as James Bond, but did you known that Pierce Brosnan is a dedicated environmentalist?

He has been involved in many campaigns, including clean air and water campaigns, and campaigning for the protection of marine animals.

His passions and achievements

The actor worked with the Natural Resources Defence Council to stop the Navy from using sonar systems that can kill whales, dolphins, seals, and other marine animals.

Mikhail Gorbachev, the former Russian Leader, presented the actor with an Environmental Leadership Award in 1997, and praised his conservation efforts.

When he got married, Brosnan donated funds he received for magazine coverage of the wedding to fund a school in Tibet. The money built classrooms where children could learn skills such as metalwork.

Sonar Systems

Saving the whales

The actor is a member of Oceana's Ocean Council and he is also on the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's board of advisors.

When he is asked about why he supports the cause so passionately, he said there is an urgency to protect whales now, as many, in particular, killer whales are close to becoming extinct.

Between 1900 and 1999, almost 3 million whales were killed as a result of whaling. Only around 450 North Atlantic whales exist now, and the survival of blue whales is also being threatened.

30 years ago, there was a temporary ban put on whaling in the face of dwindling numbers, but despite this, Japan, Iceland, and Norway continue to kill whales. Japan found a loophole in the ban, and killed over 15,000 whales.

The creation of a whale sanctuary in the South Atlantic Ocean is being considered, and has the support of countries in the region.

We can make a change

Like many animals, the survival of whales is under threat due to the impact of the way we, as humans, live our lives. As well as commercial whaling, chemical pollution, shipping, fishing debris, and climate change have all led to a decline in whale populations.

Brosnan has used his fame and status for good, as having the support of such a big name has certainly not done the conservation campaigns any harm. He states that he believes that we, as humans inhabiting this planet, have the capability to change things for the better, and to shape a future where the planet and all of its resources can be enjoyed by everyone.

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