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Green Champions - Arriva

Green Champions - Arriva

Green Champions


Arriva is one of the largest providers of public transport in Europe. The company employs more than 60,000 people and provides services which deliver more than 2.2 billion passenger journeys in 14 European countries every year.

Arriva operate local buses, coaches, local, regional, and national train services, tram services, waterbuses, and non-emergency patient transport.

Looking after the environment

The company recognise the effect that running public transport has on the environment, and that’s why they want to run their services well, and be a pioneer of new technologies to reduce the impact of their operations.

Looking at viable alternatives for transport

In addition to improving the quality of trains and buses, which should help to encourage people to use public transport rather than their cars, Arriva are looking to provide other alternative forms of transports, like shared car services and bicycle sharing.


Investing in greener options

Arriva are committed to using natural resources sensibly and efficiently as part of their operations. They also seek to use more sustainable energy and fuel sources.

Making use of new technology

Arriva are keen to trial greener technology and they are committed to using more vehicles that emit zero or low amounts of greenhouse gases.

Ambitious environmental targets

Arriva have introduced environmental targets across their operations and by 2020 they aim to achieve significant reductions in emissions, energy consumption, and water consumption. They are also committed to using renewable electricity and reducing the amount of waste they send to landfill.


In the Netherlands, Arriva operate electric buses, which are powered by renewable energy.

In the UK, they operate 24 gas powered buses in Darlington and Runcorn that use 100 per cent bio-gas which is produced from the anaerobic digestion of waste.

9,300 of their buses are fitted with innovative technology, which reduces fuel consumption, and they plant to fit another 10,200 buses with this technology.

Arriva have also started trialling electric buses which use contactless charging, and they operate about 500 hybrid buses which are powered by diesel and electricity.

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