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Introducing Our New Colour Coded Recycling Bin

Colour Coded Recycling Bin

Surveys on recycling have often shown that many as 80% of people in the UK find recycling confusing. They want to recycle more and recycle better. However, confusion about which bin to use and what they can put in them hampers their efforts. That’s why bins like our colour-coded recycling bin are just what you need for your school or workplace.

Confusion and Contamination

It’s not just confusion that’s getting in the way of better recycling rates. Contamination is a big problem too. According to Defra, UK councils sent 500,000 tonnes of recycling to landfill in 2018 because of contamination. That’s a huge amount of recyclable material that was lost forever.

How does contamination happen? It’s mostly down to people putting the wrong things in their bins. Hands up who’s done that from time to time, or gulp, every time you put the recycling out?

The trouble is, it’s costing us and the planet because perfectly recyclable waste is ending up in landfill. So what’s the answer?

Improve Recycling in Your School or Workplace

Okay, you might have nailed recycling at home (kind of). However what about in your school or workplace? Schools and businesses produce a lot of waste. That's why they have the potential to have a huge impact on improving recycling rates. One way you can do this is to provide recycling stations on your premises. These stations should consist of bins for recycling different waste streams. Just like our colour-coded recycling bin.

Introducing Our Colour Coded Recycling Bin

Investing in this bin will rid you of the problems of recycling confusion and contamination.

Where Can We Use The Colour Coded Recycling Bin?

They are perfect for schools, offices, and workplaces. Unlike other similar size bins, this recycling bin has a reduced footprint. This makes it a great choice for areas where there’s not much floor space to play with.

What Are The Benefits of Investing Colour Coded Recycling Bin?

There are plenty of benefits to choosing our colour-coded recycling bin for your school or workplace.

  • It’s made from durable plastic and is super easy to clean;
  • The bin has an open top aperture for easy access;
  • There’s an optional coloured frame insert and graphics which identify the waste stream the bin is for. This really helps avoid confusion over what to recycle. Not to mention the potential for contamination;
  • There’s an optional additional insert to segregate separate waste streams. If you separate waste streams at the source, it reduces the risk of contamination.

What Sizes are Available?

Our colour-coded recycling bin comes in 3 sizes;

  • 20 litres,
  • 50 litres,
  • 75 litres,

It doesn’t take up too much space but its generous capacity means it’s suitable for light or heavy traffic areas.

What Can We Recycle?

This recycling bin is suitable for:

  • Plastics,
  • Paper,
  • Food waste,
  • Aluminium drinks cans,
  • Mixed recycling,
  • Cardboard,

Want to Recycle More in Your School or Workplace?

Talk to our friendly sales team about what a difference our colour-coded recycling bin could make to your recycling efforts. Get in touch via email at info@recyclingbins.co.uk or on 01684292727. Want to know more about how you can improve recycling in the workplace? Check out our business recycling article. For more articles on all things recycling, waste, and the environment, browse through the rest of our blog.

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