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Businesses in the Vehicle Industry Are Offered Free Glass Recycling Service

Businesses in the Vehicle Industry Are Offered Free Glass Recycling Service

Businesses in the Vehicle Industry Are Offered Free Glass Recycling Service

The recycling provider FreeCollections.co.uk is introducing a free glass waste collection service for businesses in the vehicle industry. The company said it aims to remove the burden from businesses who are ‘reluctant or unable’ to recycle.

The company is only accepting a limited number of businesses for its service, and there’s certainly going to be high demand given that there are more than half a million businesses operating within the vehicle industry in the UK.

The company’s communications director said that it had made it very simple to sign up for the service. Businesses only need to fill out a form and they’ll be contacted to find out if they’re eligible to have the collections.

There’s also a more comprehensive recycling service available, but for businesses who only want free glass collection, it’s first-come, first-served.

Helping businesses be greener

He added that the service will really benefit businesses that produce a lot of recycling and that struggle to be as green as they would like.

It is hoped that the scheme will help push up recycling rates, reduce the amount of glass being sent to landfill, and help the UK become an example of recycling excellence.

The company says that the scheme will also help communities by helping businesses recycle more and take pride in the places in which they operate.

Removing recycling barriers

The company believes that recycling more business waste will go a long way to improving the state of the nation’s recycling generally.

Many businesses still put recyclable waste in general waste bins either because they don’t have time to take it to a recycling centre or they’re put off by the cost of using a recycling collection service. FreeCollections.co.uk are striving to remove these barriers by offering free collections which will have a positive effect on the environment and save companies thousands of pounds each year.

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