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Christmas Tree Recycling for Charity

Christmas Tree Recycling for Charity

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A hospice in the Black Country is offering a Christmas tree recycling service to raise funds after the pandemic hit its fundraising efforts.

Compton Care is joining forces with justhelping.com and Veolia to offer the Christmas tree collection service to people living in Compton and Perton for a minimum £10 donation.

The charity is facing an annual loss of £2.4 million due to the pandemic and has had to think about cutting back on some of its services. The Christmas tree recycling initiative will help them raise funds so they can support terminally ill people and their families, as well as taking the headache out of Christmas tree recycling for local residents.

The hospice is asking for volunteers to help collect the trees and said that helpers can expect hot drinks and snacks, as well as PPE, and the opportunity to join others and do something good. If you live in the Compton or Perton areas, you can get involved by emailing fundraising@comptoncare.org.uk

If you would like to have your Christmas tree collected, you can book a collection by visiting

www.comptoncare.org.uk before 12pm on 6th January.

Recycling Christmas Tree

So what about Christmas trees?

Every year, the debate goes on. What is the more eco-friendly option, a real tree or a fake tree?

A real Christmas tree can be messy, but if it’s locally sourced rather than flown many miles from another country, and it’s grown in an FSC-certified forest, it’s a great option.

FSC-certified Christmas trees are grown in a well-managed forest where pesticides are used minimally and wildlife habitats are protected.

You can also search for a real Christmas tree at a local Christmas tree farm.

A real Christmas tree is also 100% recyclable and when it's recycled, it can be shredded and turned into wood chippings that are spread over playgrounds and parks.

You can check whether your local council offers a Christmas tree recycling service here.

Artificial Christmas trees are usually made from a mix of materials including polyvinyl chloride, better known as PVC, which is a plastic derived from petroleum. Often this means they can’t be recycled, but there is the advantage that they can last quite a few years. If you do want to avoid sending your artificial tree to landfill, you can sell it or give it away to charity if it’s in good condition.

Potted Christmas Tree

Live in a small apartment or flat?

If space is at a premium and a 6ft Christmas tree isn’t ideal, why not opt for a potted mini Christmas tree? With a bit of care, they can be planted outdoors after Christmas and last for years, and you can get anything from miniature spruce to a Fir. Just remember to water it generously and keep it away from sources of heat.

Rent a Christmas tree

If you don’t want to add to the staggering 8 million real trees and who knows how many artificial ones we buy each year, why not rent a Christmas tree?

All you need to do is find your nearest supplier, choose your tree, take it home and enjoy it over Christmas, then return it when the festive season is over. The tree will carrying on growing throughout the year, all ready for next year’s lucky recipient.

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