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Colchester Council is set to Expand Food Waste Recycling Scheme

Colchester Council is set to Expand Food Waste Recycling Scheme

Colchester Council is Set to Expand to Food Waste Recycling 

Food waste handling and disposal has been made more streamlined and environment-friendly by the Colchester community in Essex. The community authorities have successfully tested a food waste recycling scheme with a handful of homeowners on a trial basis. The councillor of the borough shared encouraging results of the trial run.

Based on the successful trial run, the borough administration for handling food waste is planning to implement the food waste recycling in a phased manner. The main objective of the local administration is to increase the current recycling rate of 40.1% to higher recycling levels. Another major benefit of implementing the food waste recycling program is the reduction in the number of black sacks used for waste food collection from the various households.

Roll-Out to a Wider Public

The Borough waste recycling authorities are planning to extend the trial run to 62,000 more families in addition to the families that were part of the initial trial run. As part of the implementation plan, food waste recycling bins will be placed in various apartment blocks. In addition to the recycling bin, Colchester council is also planning to provide food waste collection kits to all families. The process of distributing the collection kits will begin by October 22, 2013 and will take six full weeks.

There are also some apartment blocks that do not have the required space for food waste recycling bins. The council is trying to make alternate arrangements for those residential blocks that do not have the required space for recycling bins. 

2.35 Million Pounds Funding

This food waste recycling scheme has been made possible with 2.35 million pounds of funding provided by the U.K. Government. After delivering the kits to 62,000 households, the local council will start collecting the filled recycling bin on a weekly basis from November 29th.

The food recycling kit consists of a roll containing 25 compostable kitchen bin liners along with a recycling manual. The manual contains the steps that are required to be carried out by the local residents on a weekly basis. On most occasions, the 25 compostable bin liners would be sufficient enough for a family to recycle food waste. In rare cases, some families might be required to purchase further bin liners. Most of the residents selected to participate in the project are very happy as they can do away with foul smelling black bags.


Compostable Kitchen Bin

Additional Recycling Bins

The Colchester rollout is just one of the many schemes across the country that has led to Britain being a more environmentally-friendly one. 10 years ago recycling was merely a fad, but with government initiatives making recycling easier, virtually everyone is getting on-board. Additional recycle bins can of course be purchased online, and with such a large range of recycle bins to suit every budget, it has never been easier to get involved and start protecting the Earth for as many future generations as possible.

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