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Compartment recycle bins

Compartment recycle bins

Compartment Recycle Bins


Compartmentalisation: It’s the future of waste management! Whether you’re at home, at work, in the garden or a car park, two or three compartments to a recycle bin can make everything so much simpler. 

Not sure what we’re on about? It’s very simple. Let’s say in your kitchen you have one bin for general waste and another for recycling. Replace these with a stylish two compartment bin and you’ll save space whilst also benefiting from other features, be it ergonomic design, a strong seal to keep odours contained, weather resistance or pedal access, all of which come in a range of capacities. Plus there’s a waste bin that includes a built-in food caddy, making cleaning up after dinner so much quicker, tidier and stress-free.


Then we have the three-compartment recycle bins, which have space for general waste, recycling materials and food scraps. With this kind of model, it’s never been easier to effectively separate your rubbish from your biodegradables and compostables.

As for the workplace, having bins with two or three compartments will make sticking to your company’s environmental policy far more efficient. Plus with options that include high-density polyethylene that won't dent, chip or rust, we offer the ideal solution for high-traffic areas. Other models are designed specifically for outdoors and come with a range of features, from galvanised steel liners and a secure locking system, to clearly labelled ‘Recyclable’ and ‘Not Recyclable’ compartments.


And if you’re mega serious about separating unwanted materials, we even stock a five-compartment recycle bin. With differently sized compartments, one of which includes a sealable lid to contain odours from food and liquid waste, this is the colour-coded king of the compartment recycle bins!

So take a look on our website and see what’s available. We guarantee you’ll never go back to single compartments again.

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