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Green Celebrities: George Clooney

Green Celebrities: George Clooney

Green Celebrities: George Clooney

George Clooney is best-known for being a bit of a heartthrob, but he’s much more than a handsome face.

He’s an advocate for some high-profile environmental and humanitarian causes, and he’s also refreshingly honest about how sometimes his celebrity lifestyle means he doesn’t get to make the most sustainable choices. While he does love an electric car, he has also been known to fly in a private jet, but despite this, the actor is still on our list of green celebrities. Here’s why.

His dedication to green causes was showcased in Vanity Fair magazine

Clooney appeared in a ‘green’ issue of vanity fair along with the like of Julia Roberts. His two-seater electric car, a Tango, was featured in the magazine, and he was actually the first person in America to buy one.

He’s involved with a campaign to reduce dependence on foreign oil

The actor helped launch the ‘Oil Change’ campaign to encourage Americans to switch to alternative forms of energy, live more sustainably, and reduce their dependence on foreign oil.

He’s a true humanitarian

Clooney is married to a human-rights lawyer, but he has plenty of humanitarian credentials of his own. As well as raising funds for the survivors of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, he has:

Helped the people of Sudan

He has campaigned to stop human rights atrocities and end poverty in Darfur in Sudan. He founded ‘Not On Our Watch’ with Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, and some of his other fellow Ocean’s 11 co-stars which campaigned against genocide in the country as well as donating millions of dollars in aid.

The actor visited the Nuba mountains with the ENOUGH project to collect evidence of atrocities that the Sudanese government was committing against its own people and he brought his findings to a committee in the US Senate. He was even arrested at the Sudanese embassy in the US for protesting against the Sudanese government.

Darfur in Sudan

Supported a non-profit which aims to wipe out poverty and injustice

He offered himself as a prize at an auction to raise funds for Realizing the Dream, a non-profit that seeks to carry on with the work that Martin Luther King and his wife started-putting an end to poverty and social injustice. Before any of you ladies get too excited, he was only offering his company at the Ocean’s 13 premiere and the exclusive after-party!

Helped the homeless

Clooney is well known for being generous when it comes to helping the homeless, and he’s made big donations to Bono’s charity the ONE campaign, as well as being on the board of trustees for the United Way, a non-profit organisation that seeks to eliminate inequalities in communities across the globe.

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