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IKEA Launches Furniture Buy Back Scheme

IKEA Launches Furniture Buy Back Scheme

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The Swedish furniture giant Ikea is launching a buy back scheme for unwanted furniture next month. As part of the scheme, customers who take their unwanted items of furniture back to the retailer, can get vouchers worth up to 50% of the original price, to be spent on new items in store.

The scheme will coincide with Black Friday, and Ikea said in a statement that it hopes that it will give customers the chance to take a stand against excessive consumption.

How will the scheme work?

Customers who want to take advantage of the scheme have to log the item of furniture they want to return then they will be given an estimated value based on the item’s condition.

  • Customers who return items that are as good as new will get a voucher for 50% of the original price.
  • Items that are in very good condition with minor scratches will bag customers 40% of the original price.
  • Customers who want to return things that are ‘well used’ and have scratches can expect to get 30% of the item’s original value.

The item must be returned to the store’s returns desk, fully-assembled, where it will be checked and given a final valuation.

What kind of items can be returned?

As part of the scheme, items like bookcases, stools, desks, and dining tables can be returned. Any items that can’t be resold will be recycled.

Eventually, the goal for the company is to have areas in every store where people can bring back their old furniture and find second-hand or refurbished items. A pilot scheme has been road tested in Edinburgh and Glasgow for over a year.

Ikea wants to become ‘a fully circular’ business by 2030, which means that its lofty ambition is to recycle or reuse all of its materials and products.

Second-Hand Furniture

What are the benefits of buying second-hand furniture?

So what are the benefits of buying pre-loved items instead of brand-new?

It saves you money

You can buy a second-hand item for a fraction of the cost of something brand-new, and you can really save on hard-wearing items like bookcases and cabinets if you keep an eye out for a bargain.

You can really add character to a room

Older furniture was built to last, so you could find a beautiful item that might be unwanted but still full of character and durability. That old hand-carved wooden chest of drawers will add more to your bedroom than a mass-produced item straight out of a factory.

You could find your dream statement piece

If you want to revamp a room on a budget, a great way to do it is look for a second-hand statement piece of furniture that will create a certain feel. You just don’t get that with that coffee table that every man and his dog has.

You’re keeping valuable materials out of landfill

When you buy second-hand furniture, you’re saving precious materials from ending up in landfill. The earth doesn’t have an infinite amount of resources, so we need to stop consuming things like it has.

You can make it your own

So you’ve found a second-hand item you love but it’s a little past its best. Don’t worry, all you have to do is give it some TLC!

All that might be needed to restore it to its former glory is a lick of paint or some new handles and fittings. Voila, you’ll have created your very own masterpiece and saved a precious item from landfill!

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