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In the News: Our Look at the Top Recycling Stories Making the Headlines

In the News: Our Look at the Top Recycling Stories Making the Headlines

In the News: Our Look at the Top Recycling Stories Making the Headlines

Hubbub Launches an On-the-Go Recycling Scheme in Edinburgh

The Environmental Charity Hubbub has just launched an on-the-go recycling initiative in Edinburgh in partnership with the city council.

Bubble-blowing bins and a solar-powered art installation will feature as part of the five-month trial scheme that will enable people in the city centre to recycle their plastic bottles, cans, and coffee cups on-the-go for the first time ever.

The scheme called #InTheLoop is the UK’s biggest collaborative approach to increasing recycling on-the-go and it has the support of Starbucks, Ecosurety, Asda, Bunzl, Caffè Nero, Coca-Cola GB, Costa Coffee, Danone, Highland Spring Group, Innocent Drinks, Lucozade Ribena Suntory, Marks & Spencer, McDonald’s, Nestlé, and Pret a Manger.

Hubbub’s first ever on-the-go recycling scheme #LeedsByExample saw recycling rates in Leeds increase from 17% to 32% in just six months last year.

A spokesperson for Hubbub said that the success of the Leeds campaign surpassed all expectations and the charity hopes that the same success will be achieved in Edinburgh. He added that it’s urging people who work in, live in, or visit Edinburgh use the new bins and help recycle as much packaging as possible. There are also plans to launch coffee cup recycling facilities in the city soon.

A spokesperson for Edinburgh Council said it’s delighted to working with Hubbub to encourage people to recycle more on-the-go and to plan for the impact of a deposit return scheme. She added that the council is committed to increasing recycling rates and that Hubbub’s innovative approach to behaviour change has had a real and lasting impact in other locations.

Our top tips for recycling on-the-go

Okay, so hands up; how many of you take things home with you to put in the recycling if you can’t find a recycling bin nearby?

And how many of you just put things in any old bin, or even worse, conveniently ‘leave it’ for someone else to clear up?

You might be an avid recycler at home, but many people forget their good habits when they’re out and about. But it doesn’t have to be this way; all it takes is a little forward planning. Here are our top tips for recycling on the go:

Carry snacks and drinks in reusable containers

If you’re out and about and you feel peckish, do you grab a pre-packaged sandwich, a packet of crisps, and a bottle of water? It might satisfy your appetite, but that’s a lot of packaging. Why not plan ahead and be kinder to the environment (as well as your pocket) and carry some food and drink in reusable containers? So pack some sandwiches and snacks in your trusty Tupperware, and think reusable water bottles and coffee cups for your beverages.

Reusable Containers

Carry a trusty bag to store your recyclables

This is handy if you’re driving somewhere. Keep a bag in the car where you can store your recyclables either until you get home, or you pass a recycling bank.

Stay in green accommodation when you travel

If you’re going on a trip, do a little research and opt for a hotel with green credentials. Some hotels are seriously hot on recycling, using locally-sourced products and ingredients, using renewable energy, saving water and much more. If you stay in accommodation like this, having an eco-friendly trip is a given. Relaxing and helping the planet? It’s a yes from us!

Make recycling a family affair

Are you going to visit family or are they coming from far and wide to visit you? Once you arrive, or they arrive at your place, ask them if they have any rubbish from their journey that they’d like to recycle. Extra brownie points are available for comparing notes on the recycling services in your area and coming up with ideas on how you can all recycle more!

Start a recycling initiative at work

We spend so much time at work, and this means we create a lot of potential waste from drinks, snacks, and lunches (and we won’t even mention the waste that’s created in the course of day to day business!). If your office doesn’t have a recycling scheme already, why not get one started? Invest in recycling bins for the staff kitchen, breakroom, or canteen, and let everyone know that the business has adopted a greener way of operating. Every business should have a recycling scheme in place; it’s good for the planet, great for profits, and it won’t do your reputation with clients and customers any harm either!

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