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Introducing Bulky Waste Collections Could Increase Recycling Rates

Introducing Bulky Waste Collections Could Increase Recycling Rates

Introducing Bulky Waste Collections Could Increase Recycling Rates

Local authorities could boost their recycling rates by over 1.5% and they could save over £450,000 in waste disposal costs over five years if they introduced bulky waste collections, according to data from the environmental consultancy, Eunomia.

The figures come from Eunomia’s waste prevention toolkit, which is designed to help councils compare the impact and cost of waste prevention measures they introduce or are planning to introduce.

Reuse and recycle is the key

The projected recycling rate increases and savings could be made if councils introduced collection services for bulky waste and sold used furniture or items in good condition at their household recycling centres. Figures from WRAP suggest that 50% of goods that are taken to recycling centres could be reused and that could prove to be quite lucrative.

Reuse and Recycle

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Missing the target

Eunomia’s findings come as the government continues to try to improve the UK recycling rate and reduce waste after it was revealed that the 50% 2020 EU recycling target might not be met, despite a slight increase in recycling overall.

Eunomia say that their toolkit helps cash-strapped councils to use their resources on the most effective waste prevention and management initiatives. It added that recycling rates across many local authorities have stagnated and that new bulky waste collections might help nudge them upwards and towards the 50% target.

We can’t ‘recycle our way out of consumption’

A spokesperson for Eunomia added that people are starting to become aware that they can no longer ‘recycle their way out of consumption.’ People are buying too much and that’s the reason that the world is becoming plagued by waste. She added that Eunomia hopes that the toolkit will help local authorities to develop and improve their services, save money, and provide good quality used items to people at a reasonable price.

Councils can buy Eunomia’s Waste Prevention Toolkit on request for a small fee.

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