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KP Snacks and Terracycle Launch UK Snack Packet Recycling Schemes

KP Snacks and Terracycle Launch UK Snack Packet Recycling Schemes

KP Snacks and Terracycle Launch UK Snack Packet Recycling Scheme

KP Snacks is the latest company to launch a nationwide recycling scheme for its packaging. The firm is working with recycling experts TerraCycle to launch the scheme to collect and recycle nuts, popcorn, crisp, and pretzel packets.

As part of the scheme, consumers can recycle packaging from these snacks and it can be from any brand. The collected packets will be recycled and turned into new items like garden furniture.

How the scheme will work

Consumers can set up their own recycling collection point for free. All they have to do is visit TerraCycle’s website and sign up to the KP Snacks Nuts, Popcorn, Crisps and Pretzels Packet Recycling Programme and register their collection point. Once people have registered, KP Snacks will send them a collection bin. Once a load has been collected, collectors can download a shipping label for free and send it to TerraCycle where it will be cleaned, shredded, and turned into plastic pellets that will be made into new products including garden furniture, waste bins, and storage boxes.

Consumers are being asked to collect as many packets as they can in one go as this means larger, but fewer shipments are needed, which is better for the environment. As an incentive, when people send larger shipments of around 600 packets, money will be donated to a charity of their choice.

The CEO of KP Snacks CEO said that the company is delighted to launch the scheme with TerraCycle, which will enable crisp packets, nuts, popcorn and pretzels packets to be recycled for the first time.

KP Snacks’ three-stage environmental plan.

The scheme is one part of the company’s three-stage plan to reduce the environmental impact of their packaging.

The other stages of the plan, which they’ve called pacKPromise, are to use less packaging (the company has invested more in its Hula Hoops factory and now the company uses 23% less packaging in its multipacks), and to make its plastic packaging completely recyclable by 2025. This is a pledge it made when it joined the UK Plastics Pact.

The GM of TerraCycle Europe said that TerraCycle is delighted to be working with KP Snacks to launch a recycling solution for nuts, popcorn and pretzel packs for the first time in the UK. She added that people could find their nearest collection point on the interactive map on TerraCycle’s website.

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