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Make Recycling Easy at Your School With Our Recycling Bins

Make Recycling Easy at Your School With Our Recycling Bins

Make Recycling Easy at Your School With Our Recycling Bins

We all have our part to play when it comes to recycling, and an important part of protecting our planet now and in the future, is educating the next generation about it.

If schools prioritise recycling, they can save money and precious resources, as well as teaching students good habits that will stay with them for life. Research shows that children who are taught about recycling, not dropping litter, and how to live sustainably become more responsible and environmentally-conscious adults.

Why should recycling be a priority in schools?

The average primary school creates a whopping 45kg of waste per pupil every year, so an effective recycling/waste reduction programme is essential. The council may be responsible for collecting school waste and recycling in your area, or they may contract it out to a private company. Either way, they may provide you with waste and recycling bins or you might have to source your own.

If you have to choose your own bins, it can help to do an audit of the different types of waste you produce and how much. This will help you decide on the type and size of recycling bins you need.

How to make a school recycling scheme successful

  • Tell everyone about it! Put posters up, send emails to staff and letters to parents, include information in the school newsletter, and even have a special assembly about it to make everyone aware of the scheme.
  • Set up convenient recycling points as close to sources of waste as possible. So for example, you’ll need a paper recycling bin in the photocopier room. It’s a good idea to pair recycling bins with rubbish bins in areas like staff rooms, canteens, and in outdoor areas like yards and playgrounds.
  • Put up posters or signage to let everyone know about the recycling bins and what goes in them.
  • Get everyone involved. From cleaners, to teachers, and pupils, recycling in school is everyone’s business. Could you introduce a recycling challenge to see which class can recycle the most, and offer a prize? This will encourage pupils to be more enthusiastic about the scheme and it will introduce a fun and competitive element.

Things to think about before your school recycling scheme gets underway

Is there adequate access for recycling company vehicles to enter your site?

How often do you think your recycling will need to be collected?

What type, size, and quantity of bins will you need to buy, or will your recycling service provider provide them for you?

Are there any health and safety considerations to think about?

Our School Recycling Bins

Turn your school into a model of environmental excellence with our indoor and outdoor school recycling bins. We’ve got you covered for everything from handling confidential waste and ink cartridge recycling to flexible arena bins for any special events you have on site like summer fayres. Our recycling bins for schools are durable, easy to clean, and ergonomically designed. We’ve even got the signage to make sure students and staff will never miss an opportunity to recycle.

If staff and pupils work together to make recycling the norm in your school, you can make great strides towards saving money, reducing waste and tackling climate change.

Some of our most popular products

Make recycling easy in your school with our large 90 litre capacity Open Top Recycling Bins. They’re made from durable plastics, and have a slim body with an integrated bag clamp to keep the liner firmly in place. There’s also a choice of 5 coloured lids and recycling stickers to help kickstart your recycling scheme. These bins are great for high traffic areas.

These cute eye-catching popular character recycling bins are a fun way to encourage children to put the right types of recyclables in the correct bins. They’re made in the UK from polyethylene, and they’re hygienic, easy to clean, and made with recyclable plastics.

Each bin has a galvanised inner liner as standard, apart from fruit, which is sent with a plastic inner liner.

Our fun 90 Litre Drinks Can Recycling Bin is shaped like a drinks can and has blackboard style graphics that come with a variety of recycling messages.

The bin is made from environmentally friendly plastic, has a polyethylene shell, and a galvanised steel liner, which means that not only is it a fun bin to have, it’s a very durable and value for money one.

Schools deal with a lot of paperwork, and our Meridian Confidential Recycling bin is an everyday essential for those working with confidential documents. This bin has a slim opening with a lockable lid to prevent any unauthorised access. It has a generous 87 litre capacity and is made from medium density polyethylene, so it doesn’t need much maintenance, and is easily kept clean.

For school yards and playgrounds, large 140 litre outdoor recycling bin is just the bin you need. Each bin comes with the large universal recycling logo as well as 7 recycling stickers so you can personalise your bin. You also have the option of purchasing the connecting kit which attaches 2 or more bins together to create a convenient recycling station. The double-sided dome-shaped lid allows for easy access on both sides of the bin.

Ground fixing bolts and a lid to base security cable are optional extras you can buy to keep the bin secure. This bin is made from 25% recycled materials and includes a 1 year warranty.

If you’d like some help and advice on choosing the perfect recycling bins for your school, contact our friendly sales team on 01684 292727 or at info@recyclingbins.co.uk.

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