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Make Your Outdoor Event More Sustainable with Recycling Bins

Make Your Outdoor Event More Sustainable with Recycling Bins

Make Your Outdoor Event More Sustainable with Recycling Bins

Managing waste and recycling is an essential consideration if you are planning a big outdoor event. There are plenty of events going on at this time of year, like fireworks displays and Christmas markets, and you need to make proper provision so that the site doesn’t become a dumping ground for litter. Recycling bins are your friend when it comes to running a more sustainable event.

Bin logistics

Before the event

  • Organise bin provision and make them easily identifiable for people attending the event. For example, you could have a colour-coded set of bins with a clear image on the front for recycling different items.
  • Consider putting waste and recycling bins together; if you only give people the option of a waste bin, they’ll put any waste in there, including recyclable items.
  • Make sure that bins are located in high-traffic areas like entrances and exits, near toilets, main walkways, and near car parks. They must be accessible for visitors and for the teams who will be emptying them.
  • Make sure the bins are secure and adequately covered so that wildlife and pests can’t access the waste, and wild weather won’t disperse waste across the event site.

During the event

  • Make announcements to let people know about the recycling facilities during the event.
  • Empty bins regularly.
  • Monitor bin usage and make extra provision if possible.
  • If there are food and drink stalls, or other vendors, make them aware of the waste and recycling arrangements.
  • Think about having volunteers stationed near recycling areas to advise and assist people.

After the event

  • Ensure the site is cleaned up and all waste is removed
  • Make sure waste containers are left in agreed locations where they can be easily collected by contractors.

Extra tips for running a sustainable outdoor event

Making recycling a priority at your event can reduce waste management costs and it will obviously do the planet no harm either. As well as having benefits for you, it will also help the people who attend the event to do the right thing. Most people will gladly recycle when they are out and about, when they have the opportunity, so try these tips for a more sustainable outdoor event:

  • Use recyclable packaging for food and drinks products.
  • Consider providing water stations where people can fill up their bottles for free rather than buying plastic ones.
  • Work with vendors and ask if they can reduce/eliminate the use of plastic bags, plastic straws, balloons, and single-use cups and cutlery.

Our outdoor recycling bins

Our outdoor recycling bins are the perfect choice for your outdoor event.

Our Hooded Outdoor Waste Container (100 Litres) is made from durable polyethylene and comes with liner as standard. As well as being a great choice for outdoor events, they’re also popular with schools, parks, and businesses.

All bins are fitted with an easy to use locking system. You just simply twist the top section at the visible break and lift it off for easy emptying. These bins are available in green, black*, red, navy blue, and yellow and have a generous 100-litre capacity which makes them the perfect choice for your outdoor event.

*The black bin is made from 100% recycled materials.

Our Domed Top Recycling Bin is great value for money and has a generous 84-litre capacity. It’s made from tough medium-density polyethylene, so it won’t fade, rust, dent, or corrode and for added strength, it has a molded mid-section.

This bin is available in 9 different colours and comes with a recycling label as standard. It’s also available with a circular, slot, or side aperture.

Our 140 Litre Envirobank Recycling bins are available with various apertures and are made from weather-resistant polyethylene. They’re perfect for the collection of recycling at your event and the front opening door removes the need for lifting. These bins also feature a tamper-proof lock and a slam door latch mechanism.

Our 140 litre maxi Envirobin is part of the hugely popular Envirobin collection. They’re made from UV stabilised moulded polyethylene which means they can be used outdoors with no risk of fading. The bin has a sack retention hoop system for easy emptying and cleaning, and they are easily linked together with other bins in the range to create your own recycling zone for your outdoor event.

Each bin comes with a WRAP compliant aperture and graphic and a slam shut door latching point. The bin is easily opened by just lifting the door and then pulling it out.

Our 100 Litre Envirobin Recycling Bins are a professional, attractive option for the separation of recyclables. They’re made from hard-wearing, robust polyethylene and can collect large volumes of waste. They are supplied with WRAP compliant colour-coded lids and a discreet sack holding feature for traditional bin bags. These bins can be used on their own, or alongside other Envirobins to create a recycling zone.

If you would like any information or advice on our outdoor recycling bins or any other products in our range, contact our friendly sales team on 01684 292727 or at info@recyclingbins.co.uk

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