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Motorists Can Make Money by Recycling

Motorists Can Make Money by Recycling

Motorists Can Make Money by Recycling

A scheme which will give financial rewards to motorists for recycling their empty plastic bottles and coffee cups is being launched this week.

From Thursday, ‘Recycling Reward’ machines will be installed at service stations in Maidstone and Folkstone as part of a six-month trial scheme which aims to encourage drivers to dispose of their rubbish correctly and responsibly. If the scheme is successful, it will be rolled out across the UK. Kent has been chosen for the trial because it’s a busy stop off point for tourists and lorry drivers going to and from France.

Drivers will get money-off vouchers to spend on snacks and drinks, and they’ll get a 5p voucher for every item they recycle.

The scheme is part of a wider scheme called #DriveDownLitter, which is being run by the environmental charity Hubbub, with the support of Highways England, Shell, Costa Express, Roadchef and the 13 councils in the Kent area. The Kent Wildlife Trust is also backing the scheme because of the effect that excess litter, especially plastic, can have on wildlife such as wood mice, voles and shrews.

The CEO of Hubbub said that roadside litter not only looks awful, it harms wildlife and it’s expensive and dangerous to remove. He added that the #DriveDownLitter campaign has a real chance of changing littering behaviours and reducing overall litter if it’s successful.

As well as the installation of Recycling Reward machines, drivers will also have access to new bins which will make it easier for them to recycle all of their rubbish once they get to the service station.

Hubbub say that removing litter from motorways costs around £6 million a year and around 111 bags of rubbish are collected per mile of motorway.

Rubbish Collected in Motorway

A spokesperson from Highways England said that they collect 200,000 bags of litter from the motorway each year, which equates to 500 bags every day. He added that picking up roadside litter is dangerous for workers and takes them away from other important jobs they could be doing.

Litter near service stations is a particular problem and Highways England say they are working with service station owners and other partners to tackle the problem.

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