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Paper Cup Recycling Scheme Launched at Bristol Airport

Paper Cup Recycling Scheme Launched at Bristol Airport

Paper Cup Recycling Scheme Launched at Bristol Airport

A paper cup recycling scheme has been launched at Bristol Airport in a bid to reduce waste. The paper cups are separated from other rubbish, then they’re recycled and turned into new items.

Almost a tonne of paper cups has been recycled since the scheme was launched in March. This amounts to around 54,500 coffee cups which would stretch three times the length of the airport’s runway if they were placed end to end.

The airport launched the scheme in partnership with SWRnewstar, the company that supplies its catering and waste management services.

Making recycling easy for airport passengers

The company say that the scheme will make it easy as possible for passengers to recycle their paper cups. The cups are put in normal rubbish bins, but are separated at source then recycled and reprocessed at a recycling facility.

A spokesperson for SWRnewstar praised the airport and its passengers for engaging with the scheme to make sure it got off to a flying start-no pun intended. He added that it shows that the airport is taking recycling seriously, and the signs are that the scheme is expanding at such a rate that even higher recycling rates are expected.

As well as launching the paper cup scheme, Bristol Airport employees have been given reusable cups and refillable water bottles for use at work.

Bristol Airport’s Head of Sustainability said that he is delighted at the results that have been achieved so far. He commented on how a simple recycling system for employees and passengers was the aim and that they want to continue to reuse, reduce, and recycle waste in all airport operations.

Paper Cup

Bristol Airport is a beacon for recycling and waste reduction

Bristol Airport is well known for its waste management and reduction efforts. It was named as a zero-landfill airport in 2018, and it continues to strive for improvement.

Other initiatives brought into the airport include installing an extra water refill station in the departure lounge, which brings the total number of stations in the terminal to three. The food outlets in the terminal also allow people to fill up their reusable water bottles for free.

The airport is also continuing to reduce its carbon emissions in a bid to be carbon neutral by 2030.

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