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No Charge to Park? Pay With a Plastic Bottle

No Charge to Park? Pay With a Plastic Bottle

No Change to Park? Pay With a Plastic Bottle

If you run out of change for parking in Leeds, don’t worry, because you can pay in plastic bottles. Environmentally-conscious drivers who visit the CitiPark car park in Leeds can collect their plastic bottles from home and earn 20p off parking for each bottle they hand over. Bottles collected have to be a minimum of 500ml to be accepted.

30 plastic bottles will earn you free parking for an hour, and collect 95, and you’ll be able to park for 24 hours. There’s no limit on how many plastic bottles drivers can bring. They just need to hand over their bottles, then they get a discount on their parking ticket.

The plastic bottles will be used to make new items like clothing, furniture and toys. A carparking attendant said that the initiative is all about protecting the environment, which he said is something that CitiPark take very seriously. He added that people have really got behind the idea and that the company is hoping to introduce the initiative on a longer term basis.

Plastic Bottle

CitiPark-Going Green

CitiPark places great importance on preserving the environment for future generations, and they’ve introduced some measures to help them do their bit.

LED Lighting

They successfully rolled out LED lighting into six of their multi-storey car parks after some successful trials. LED lighting uses up to 60% less energy than fluorescent lighting, and because there’s no mercury or other hazardous substances to worry about, it’s a very eco-friendly choice. LED lighting is also brighter so it makes car parks safer for customers.

Electric Vehicle Charging

The company has introduced electric vehicle charging points to meet the needs of the increasing number of customers who are opting for electric vehicles. Electric cars emit about 50% less carbon dioxide than standard vehicles, and they’re also far quieter.

CitiPark has also partnered up with Tesla, and their Merrion car park in Leeds city centre is the only place in the city that Tesla cars can be charged.

Solar panels

Back in 2001, the company installed solar panels on the roof of its multi-storey car park in Leeds Dock. The move saves around 55 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year and the panels provide around 15% of the car park’s electricity.

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