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Recycling kits designed with you in mind

Recycling kits designed with you in mind

Recycling Kits Designed With You in Mind


There’s no denying that the environment is important. We’re not just talking about the natural structures and shapes that you see when driving through the countryside, such as trees, fields, bushes and ponds, or even the animals that live within them; we’re talking about the environment as a whole, the natural world and how it can be affected by humanity.


In the same way that it may annoy you that people litter, leaving an empty drinks can or takeaway packaging on a wall, it annoys others that some people put these into the wrong bin. Yes, throwing your rubbish away and keeping Britain tidy is very important, but it’s also essential that we help local authorities and organisations to recycle materials as effectively as possible. No council can go through every piece of rubbish that’s put in the general waste bin; it’s simply impossible due to the sheer size of populations and the refuse that they create. You can do your bit by recycling as much as you can at home and your workplace, and our recycling kits make it simpler than ever to achieve.

Our recycling kits combine excellent products that work together perfectly, whilst also offering great savings. See, it costs us the same to send you one bin as it does three or four, so we’ve created bundles that pass the savings on to you. This makes the entire process a doddle, from ordering the right kit to suit your needs, to using it on a daily basis.


Recycling Sticker


A recycling kit is a great way to kickstart an office, home or school recycling programme. By choosing either a pre-labelled set or one that comes with recycling sticker sheets, you can boost recycling to higher levels than ever before. From plastic, paper, glass and aluminium, to general waste, kitchen waste, textiles and batteries, our expertly designed kits are as adaptable as they are effective. Once in place, we suggest the following steps to optimise usage:

-- Tell everyone about them and encourage people to use them daily.

-- Place bins in areas that they are most likely to be used. You can then move if required, e.g. if the bin for cans isn’t being used in the office, move it to the staff room. If the one for plastic is filling up too quickly in reception, add a second one.

-- Make sure to have a paper bin in all busy office areas, as well as next to the photocopier.

-- Give food packaging a quick rinse first to reduce bacteria and odours from building up inside the bins.

-- Use a bin liner and empty regularly, rather than leaving it until the bag is at bursting point.


If you really want to make your office as environmentally friendly as possible, appoint a Green Champion. As well as monitoring and promoting recycling, they can help staff to understand the importance of printing less, turning used paper into scrap notes, turning off unnecessary lights, and various other initiatives to improve your carbon footprint.

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