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Research from recycling experts shows UK lags behind rest of Europe

Research from recycling experts shows UK lags behind rest of Europe

UK Lags Behind Europe

Research by a major recycling bins retailer has found that the UK is lagging behind the rest of Europe when it comes to recycling rates on the continent.  

RecyclingBins.co.uk manufacture and sell a range of recycling bins for home and business use. Its recycling bins have helped clients to save 1,800,000 litres of rubbish from landfill in the last 12 months, up 15% on the same period last year. On the back of this achievement it has undertaken a study of MSW reports and compiled a pan-European top 10 list. Its findings, which are available as an infographic, chart Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) recycling levels in nations such as Austria, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark and the United Kingdom.




MSW broadly consists of everyday rubbish such as discarded food scraps, product packaging, furniture, clothing and household rubbish. The Recycling Bins infographic pegs Austria in the top spot, with a 63% MSW recycling rate. It narrowly beat Germany, which manages to recycle 62% of its MSW products each year. Belgium, Switzerland and Sweden round out the top five with 50%, 50% and 49% respectively.

In comparison, official figures show that the UK manages to recycle just 39% of its MSW, 1% point behind Denmark which occupied the 9th spot. Although not included on the infographic, the research team also confirmed that the USA recycles around 49% of its MSW, placing it joint fifth on the list with Sweden. Overall, the UK is almost 25% behind leaders Austria, suggesting much still needs to be done to reduce the amount of rubbish sent to landfill.

Jon Horsfield, Director said, "We were surprised that the UK performs so poorly in comparison with our European counterparts. The amount of recycling that Austria achieves shows just how much is possible and really highlights that as a country, we all need to do a bit more and be more vigilant about separating out recyclable materials from our general household and business waste. Our recycling bins for home and businesses saved 1,200,000 litres of waste from landfill last year so our aim for the next 12 months is to grow this figure substantially. As technology develops, more and more waste products can be reused and recycled. Our bins are an easy way for everyone to do their bit and with designs for the home as well as large recycling bins for offices, schools and other venues it really is the work of seconds and just as easy to throw in a recycling bin than a regular waste bin. We want to make every British citizen aware of their responsibility when it comes to reducing landfill and promise to do our bit by making products that take all of the work out of recycling."


According to the European Environment Agency’s Municipal Waste Management in the UK report, the 49% figure shows significant improvement, given that as much of 80% MSW was sent to landfill in 2001. There is currently a 50% MSW recycling target, set for 2020.

Homes and businesses around the country can help reach this goal by using a dedicated recycling bins product. The firm’s range of home recycling bins are ergonomic, stylish and supremely durable with a choice of space saving segregated compartment bins, waterproof outdoor bins and even garden waste receptacles. There is also a range of smart solutions for offices, schools, hospitals and kitchens with many recycling bins for offices available in a choice of sizes and designs perfect for collecting everything from waste paper and drinks cartons to used print cartridges.


Recycling Bins for Offices


The top 10 MSW table

Top 10
1) Austria - 63%
2) Germany - 62%
3) Belgium - 50%
3) Switzerland - 50%
5) Sweden - 49%
6) Netherlands - 48%
7) Luxembourg - 46%
8) Norway - 42%
9) Denmark - 40%
10) UK - 39%


To find out more, visit https://www.recyclingbins.co.uk


RecyclingBins.co.uk offers an extensive range of recycling bins for schools, office and the home. We offer great prices on single items and even better discounts for anyone buying multiple products. Our products help customers recycle tonnes of waste every day. We’ve provided the tools for many successful recycling and waste reduction schemes in schools, offices and other venues. We stock leading brands and premium quality items at great, competitive prices. Where possible we include recycling advice to help you get the most from our product lines. Most of our products are manufactured from recycled materials with as much as 90% of some bins coming from recycled plastic. We offer purchase order arrangements and pre-approved credit for public sector organisations from schools and colleges to the NHS. We’re proud to be known as a premier UK supplier.

We have also produced an infographic to highlight these numbers in a more visual way.

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