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2 Sisters Food Group Pledge to Reduce Plastic in Their Packaging

2 Sisters Food Group Pledge to Reduce Plastic in Their Packaging

2 Sisters Food Group Pledge to Reduce Plastic in Their Packaging

The 2 Sisters Food Group has announced plans to reduce the use of plastic in its operations. The plans are part of a recycling strategy which has seen the company pledge to reduce plastic packaging by 2020. They’ll also phase out the use of non-recyclable bottles and cups at all of their 36 sites by the end of this year. Their aim is to lead the way in the food processing sector by using less plastic and recycling more.

Looking for alternatives to plastic

A spokesperson for the group said that they were working to find alternatives to plastic. They are looking at cardboard as a possible solution for packaging fresh chicken products. At some of their sites, replacing plastic will be tougher, as they mainly manufacture ready meals. Packaging needs to be able to withstand the heat of ovens and microwaves.

They say that while plastic has played a part in extending the shelf life of products, the impact it has on the environment needs to be addressed by the industry and by consumers.

The group has been working with suppliers, partners, and customers for several years to improve the recyclability of packaging, and for this to become a reality, there needs to be collaboration at every stage including production, distribution, retail, and consumption.

The group’s recycling strategy

As part of their new recycling strategy the group will:

  • Ensure that 90% of the plastic components in its branded products are recyclable by 2020.
  • Work with customers to make sure 90% of the packaging it uses is recyclable by 2020.
  • Make re-usable or recyclable cups accessible for all staff and phase out non-recyclable cups and bottles by the end of this year. Recycling points will be installed at all sites.
  • Collaborate with retailers and suppliers to increase packaging recycling throughout the lifecycle of a product, and ensure that materials are collected, recycled, and used again to make new products.

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