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Sainsbury’s Launches a Trial Reverse Vending Scheme

Sainsbury’s Launches a Trial Reverse Vending Scheme

Sainsbury’s Launches a Trial Reverse Vending Scheme

Sainsbury’s has become the latest supermarket to trial a reverse vending recycling scheme at one of its superstores. The supermarket chain is set to launch a pilot at its Lincoln Superstore which will allow customers to return plastic bottles of any size up to 3 litres and drinks cans bought from the store and they’ll get 5p coupons for money off their shop in return. Each customer can deposit up to 500 items, and anyone that dedicated can expect £25 off their shopping.

A Sainsbury’s spokeswoman said that the company is delighted to offer customers a new way to recycle while saving money on their shopping.

Sainsbury's Live Well for Less

Sainsbury’s Commitment to reducing plastic use

The trial scheme is the latest measure that the supermarket giant is taking as part of its commitment to reduce plastic by removing, reusing, replacing, or recycling it wherever possible. Sainsbury’s recently announced that it was going to become the first supermarket to remove plastic bags for loose fruit, vegetables, and items from the bakery. The plastic bags will be replaced with paper bags or reusable bags made from recycled materials. This will remove around 489 tonnes of plastic from the waste stream.

What is reverse vending?

Reverse vending is a sustainable way to recycle. Customers are rewarded for returning containers back to the retailer, and this makes people see materials as being something of value.

Why reverse vending should become the norm

  • Over 1 TRILLION drinks are bought every year, and only a fraction of the containers are recycled. If more drinks containers were recycled, it would save precious energy, water, and crude oil and also reduce the emissions that cause global warming.
  • Giving consumers an instant reward for recycling has proven to be an excellent incentive in successful deposit return schemes around the world. It also encourages responsible disposal of plastics and promotes a circular economy.
  • Reverse vending machines are a great tool for companies to not only give their customers the chance to do the right thing, but as a way to show the wider world that they’re a company that cares about the planet. Customers can also be encouraged to use the reverse vending machine every time they shop, with the use of money-off vouchers or product promotions.

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