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Shredding Paper: Good for Your Business and for the Environment

Shredding Paper: Good for Your Business and for the Environment

Shredding Paper: Good for Your Business and for the Environment

Although most businesses have made the move to storing all of their data electronically, there are some which prefer to maintain paper files. But what happens when you need to dispose of paper files and records? Putting paper in the bin is not only wasteful and bad for the environment, it’s bad for business, especially if the papers contain sensitive information. In this case, your business could end up with a big fine, and some bad press.

So what can you do? Shredding confidential paperwork that is no longer needed is a good choice. Around 99% of shredded paper is recycled, as it’s mostly printer quality paper which is easily recycled.

Why shred your important documents?

It protects against identity theft

Shredding files or documents that contain sensitive information will protect you, your customers, and your employees from identity theft. Names, dates of birth, addresses, and bank details that end up in the wrong hands can be used to steal identities.

Protecting your customer’s information and your employee records is a legal requirement

Laws like the Data Protection Act stipulate that you must have policies and procedures in place to keep information secure, and you must only use it in a certain way, and always with permission. If you shred documents, you are preventing sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands.

Shredding Paper for Data Protection

Why recycle paper?

It saves energy and resources

Making paper requires a lot more energy compared to recycling it. For every tonne of paper that is recycled, 4 barrels of oil are saved which can power an average home for 6 months. It also saves water, because around 3 gallons of water are used to make just one sheet of paper but recycling a tonne of paper saves 7000 gallons of water.

It protects forests

35% of trees that are cut down are used to make paper. Some trees are grown in forests that are specifically for paper production, but 9% of the trees that are cut down are in old forests and they aren’t replaced.

It reduces air and water pollution

Recycling paper creates around 35% less water pollution and 74% less air pollution than making brand new paper.

Shredded paper can double as packing material

Recycling is great, but reusing paper is just as good. Use shredded paper as packing if you need to send any fragile items in the post.

It makes great business sense and it’s good PR

Not only does recycling paper save you money in energy and waste disposal costs, it reduces air and water pollution, saves resources, and conserves forests. If your company is environmentally responsible, it’s a great selling point, as consumers become increasingly aware of the need to protect the planet.

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