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The Sustainability Projects That are Protecting Our Planet for the Future

The Sustainability Projects That are Protecting Our Planet for the Future

The Sustainability Projects That are
Protecting Our Planet for the Future

Powering the Notting Hill Carnival venues with 100% renewable energy

For the first time in its history, two of the Notting Hill Carnival’s most popular venues, the Tabernacle and the Yaa Centre were powered with 100% renewable electricity. They’ve been powered with renewable energy for the whole of August as part of a joint initiative between carnival organisers and the renewable energy firm Ecotricity.

As well as the renewable energy project, the carnival organisers have introduced free water bottle refills and an initiative to encourage food waste and drinks can recycling.

The organisers say that they eventually want to make the event as sustainable as possible.

Lego introduces a line of pieces made from plant-based plastic

Lego has introduced their first line of pieces which are made from bio-polyethylene, which is a soft and durable plastic derived from sugar cane. The plastic is just as durable as standard plastic, but it is far more easy to recycle.

Lego said it wants to have a positive impact on the world and that it aims to make all of its Lego bricks from sustainable materials eventually.

McDonalds opens a sustainable restaurant

The fast food giant has already set itself a target to reduce emissions by one third and has pledged to source 100% of its guest packaging from recyclable or renewable sources. Now it has gone a step further. It recently opened a restaurant which has a number of sustainable features including rooftop solar panels, a section of rooftop space which houses vegetation, and a floating garden of ferns and white birch trees.

The restaurant, in Chicago, also has energy-efficient LED lighting and energy-saving freezers, as well as native plants to capture rainwater. The company plans to include sustainability features in 5000 of its US restaurants by 2020.

PepsiCo launches an initiative to boost recycling in schools across the US

The recycling of plastics and other packaging is big news, and PepsiCo has committed $10 million to initiatives that are geared towards increasing recycling rates in schools in the US. The company has published resources aimed at teaching school staff how they can recycle more waste in their workplace. It is offering prizes and rewards to schools who join in with its ‘Recycle Rally’ scheme and achieve higher recycling rates than neighbouring schools. School staff are also given access to an app that lets them track and increase the amount of waste that they save from landfill.

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