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Ten Recycling Innovations

Ten Recycling Innovations

Ten Recycling Innovations


Recycling really is at the cutting edge of technology. Take a look at these ten fantastic innovations that are being used to both manufacture great products and to make the world a more sustainable place.

1 : - De Halve Maan Brewery, in Bruges, has opened up a plastic pipeline to carry its beer between the brewery and the company’s bottling plant. The pipeline is made of high density polyethylene, which is a food grade plastic, so the quality of the brew will be unaffected. Despite costing $4.5 million, the company believes the pipeline will eventually pay for itself, due to the fact that it will make huge savings in transport costs, as Bruges is one of Europe’s most congested cities. 

2 : - Adidas and Parley for Oceans have collaborated to release a prototype for a new trainer. The stylish product is made from the plastic rubbish found in our oceans, along with other marine debris.

3 : - The company, Ecovative, have produced a mushroom based alternative to traditional polystyrene, which is capable of naturally decomposing in a matter of weeks. The packaging is grown using agricultural waste, before being moulded into the desired shape and size.

4 : - There are a growing number of mobile phone apps now available, which promote recycling. For example, the American iRecycle allows users to browse through a whole host of recycling information, as well as using GPS tracking to direct them to the nearest recycling centres.

5 : - Nextek and AShortWalk have together created NextCupCycle resin. The companies have used paper and plastic to form a new material, which is more efficient than normal plastic and can be moulded into products at super-fast speeds.

6 : - The Hamilton Perkins Collection offers high quality travel bags made from recycled plastic bottles. The company prides itself on having a transparent pricing policy, creating jobs in developing countries, cutting carbon emissions and using less water than its competitors.

7 : - Not to be outdone, The Bank of England has introduced new plastic banknotes, which are cleaner, safer and stronger than the ones they are replacing. At the end of their lives, the notes will be recycled into new plastic products.


England Banknote

8 : - The ‘Big Belly’ solar powered bins have been winning many new admirers, including some UK local authorities. The bins harness the sun’s rays to compact rubbish, enabling them to hold up to eight times as much waste as their conventional counterparts. They also use wireless communications to alert waste disposal operatives when they need emptying. 

9 : - Tipa Sustainable Packaging has produced the first, one hundred percent biodegradable packaging. Plans are in place to use it as packaging for food items, such as granola, crisps, seeds and dried fruits.

10 : - Researchers from Ulsan National Institute of Science, in South Korea, have discovered a way for used coffee beans to capture methane, a greenhouse gas, which is twenty times more powerful than carbon dioxide. So, when you’re enjoying your next cup of coffee, remember that you’re also doing your bit to reduce global warming and save the planet

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