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The Biggest Ever Recycling Challenge

The Biggest Ever Recycling Challenge

The Recycling Partnership and the PepsiCo Foundation
Launch Biggest Ever Recycling Challenge

The PepsiCo Foundation and The Recycling Partnership have joined forces to launch "All In On Recycling," the largest ever industry-wide residential recycling challenge in the US.

The PepsiCo Foundation has pledged £7.6 million (around $10 million) to get the challenge underway and make recycling easier for 25 million families across the US by providing them with adequate recycling resources.

The aim of the challenge is to raise £19 million ($25 million) in donations from businesses, companies and organisations.

Big Ambitions

More than 2,800 communities are taking part in the challenge, which is expected to bring in £57.4 million ($75 million) in municipal funding, so the project would have a total of $100 million behind it.

The Recycling Partnership estimates that the "All In On Recycling" challenge will help recover 1.9 million tonnes of high-quality recyclable materials over the next five years, including 7 billion bottles and cans. This is great news for the environment.

Half of the funds raised by this challenge are being set aside to provide kerbside recycling bins to more than half a million households, as well as better infrastructure and the resources that people need to recycle more effectively.

The funds raised from the challenge will also be used to provide recycling solutions on a larger scale across the country to big cities such as Miami, Florida, and the Central Ohio region.

The Director of Sustainability at PepsiCo said that everyone must work to protect and reuse the planet’s limited natural resources.

PepsiCo has long been involved in initiatives in the US to improve recycling rates and they have worked with other stakeholders to invest in new recycling initiatives and systems. They are encouraging anyone who wants to make a difference to take part in the challenge and really raise recycling rates across the US.

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