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The Myths About Recycling

The Myths About Recycling

The Myths About Recycling

We all know that recycling is good for the planet, but have we lost heart? We are forever seeing headlines about the destruction of the planet; does this mean that what we do day to day to benefit the planet doesn’t make a difference? Far from it.

Here are some myths about recycling, and hopefully we can help you separate fact from fiction!

Myth: Shipping companies and cruise liners are responsible for most of the plastic in the ocean.

Fact: Most of the plastic in our oceans consists of things we use every day like plastic bags, drinks bottles, and disposable straws. We should all try to reduce the amount of single-use items we use.

Myth: Ocean ‘garbage patches’ can easily be cleaned up

Fact: Only a tiny amount of the plastic that ends up in the oceans appears at the surface. The rest either break down and float in the water, or they sink and are eaten by marine wildlife which causes them considerable harm. There is no easy way to remove these plastics from the ocean at the moment.

garbage patches

Myth: If a can or bottle has a label, it can’t be recycled.

Fact: It’s ideal if you remove the label, but most materials are separated at the recycling facility.

Myth: Different types of paper can’t be mixed.

Fact: Different papers can be mixed together, including magazines, books, and newspapers. It doesn’t matter about the colour of the paper either as the dye is removed during the recycling process. Also, it’s helpful if you remove paper clips or staples, but if you don’t, they will be removed during processing.

Myth: It’s too hard to work out what to put in the recycling so it’s easier to not bother

Fact: Your local authority will have clear guidelines on what you can and can’t recycle on their website. It does take a little time and effort to sort your recycling properly, but it really is worth it.


Myth: Recycling can end up in landfill anyway

Fact: Recycling is great for the environment and saves energy and raw materials, whereas sending waste to landfill is really expensive and awful for the environment. Much of the waste won’t decompose, and leaches toxins into the land and waterways, and the waste that does decompose gives off methane gas which pollutes the atmosphere. That is why many more councils are committed to recycling.

Myth: Recycling gets shipped to other countries

Fact: Councils tend to try and recycle as much as they can in the UK, but some items do get sent abroad to countries where there is a high demand for materials, for example, plastic gets sent to China for the manufacture of goods that they sell to us.

Myth: Washing your recycling thoroughly is a waste of water

Fact: The recycling process is easier if items are rinsed out, as leftover food particles can contaminate it. You can use water from the bowl when you have finished the washing up so you don’t need to use any extra water.

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