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Use Your Loaf, Don't Bin Your Bread

Use Your Loaf, Don't Bin Your Bread

Use Your Loaf, Don’t Bin Your Bread

We throw away 24 million slices of bread every day in the UK because we don’t use them in time. This means that on average, every person in the UK throws away more than half a loaf of bread every month.

You can put bread in the freezer and toast it straight from frozen, and toast doesn’t have to be boring, here are some creative ideas for toast toppings.

Tasty toppings for toast

Healthy toast toppings

Make a healthy BLT with a twist. Chop bacon, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and red onion, then top your toast with it. Add salad leaves and French dressing to make it extra tasty.

Hangover cure toast toppings

Add a bit of spice to baked beans on toast to line your delicate stomach with some complex carbs. Mix baked beans with a pinch of coriander and a pinch of curry powder, and microwave for a few minutes, then top your toast with it.

Family Favourite toast toppings

Stir fry some mushrooms, chorizo, and parsley then top your toast with the mixture for a midweek meal with a twist.

Toast toppings for kids

Cut toast into the shape of a fish (if you’re a bit arty of course). Cook fish fingers and mushy peas as directed, then top the toast with them and add some tartare sauce.

Gym bunny protein toast

If you work out regularly, you need extra protein and this toast topping will give your levels a boost. Scoop out an avocado and spread it on toast. Top with half a boiled egg, a squeeze of lemon juice and some chives.

Gym Bunny Protein Toast

Sweet treat for Easter

Who said the only sweet things you could eat at Easter were your chocolate eggs? Top your toast with peanut butter, sliced banana, and honey for a simple, but satisfying snack.

What should you do with leftover bread?

Pay no attention to the best before date: This refers to the quality of the food, not its safety. If the bread looks fine, and it has no mould, it’s probably fine to eat.

If the bread has gone hard: Run it under a cold tap, remove any excess water, then put it in the oven for 10 minutes. Voila, it will be nice and soft again.

Bread rolls, hot dog buns, croissants, or bagels: If these have gone hard, wrap them in a piece of damp kitchen roll and microwave for just 10 seconds to restore them to their soft former glory.

Don’t throw away the crusts: Make breadcrumbs out of them instead. Tear the bread into small pieces then put them in a food processor. Spread the crumbs on a baking tray and bake at 150c for 20—30 minutes. Stir the crumbs halfway through. Cook them until they are golden-brown. Bread crumbs will keep for a few weeks in an airtight container of for up to 3 months if you freeze them.

Store bread in a cool, dry, and dark place: It will keep for longer. Don’t put it in the fridge as moisture from the fridge can cause it spoil up to 6 times faster than if you stored it in a bread bin or cupboard.

If you find you’re throwing a lot of bread away: Buy a half-loaf instead or freeze half of the loaf on the day that you buy it. Bread can be toasted from frozen and it doesn’t affect the taste or quality. Bread will last for 6 months in the freezer.

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