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Recycling Roundup 12th June

Recycling Roundup 12th June

Recycling Roundup 12th June

Hull’s waste recycling centres are set to close for 2 days per week, despite the fact that fly-tipping has increased by 20%. The council has blamed funding cuts from central government for the closures. The council state that the closures, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, will save around £100,000 per year. They say that they have consulted residents about the changes and they agreed that reducing opening hours was a viable solution, rather than closing a centre completely, which was being considered.

There are concerns that the move will lead to an increase in fly-tipping. The council has been running a campaign called ‘Stop the Drop’ which was aimed at reducing the illegal dump of waste, however, fly-tipping continues to increase.

Read more at http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/hull-recycling-centres-are-now-closed-two-days-a-week/story-30371765-detail/story.html#cMYd6AATZ846BxVx.99


Residents in Sidmouth and Ottery St Mary in Devon are being reminded by the council that there is to be a change in recycling collection days, ahead of the introduction of a new recycling scheme.

East Devon District Council’s new recycling service will see recycling being collected every week, and general waste being collected every 3 weeks.

Residents are being reminded about what can be recycled, and how to separate recyclables correctly at source. They have been provided with a green recycling box and a green recycling sack.

Cardboard, small electrical items, paper, glass bottles and jars, textiles and shoes and batteries can be put into the recycling boxes.

Plastics, cartons, and Tetra Paks, tins and cans, aerosols and foil can all be put into the green sack. Plastic film or wrappers, polystyrene or takeaway pizza boxes are not recyclable due to the fact that there is often food residue left on them.

The council is keen to emphasise that they have kept residents well informed about the changes, and that it will help people to recycle more.

The changes are being rolled out after a successful pilot scheme in Exmouth earlier this year.

Cardboard recycling

Twycross Zoo in Loughborough is launching a mobile phone recycling scheme to celebrate World Environment Day.

Visitors to the zoo will be able to dispose of their old and unwanted handsets in an environmentally friendly way, and the scheme aims to raise awareness of the problems that the production of electronics, and the dumping of electronic waste causes the environment.

Mobile phones contain precious materials like coltan, which is often mined by people working in terrible conditions.

As the global demand for the such materials increases, there is also an increasing negative impact on the environment, wildlife, and their habitats.

The zoo houses an endangered species of Gorilla called Bonobos, and most of the precious metal reserves are found in places such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is where most bonobos hail from. The species has been in decline for the past 30 years, and with the destruction of their natural environment, this will only get worse.

Materials used in the making of electronics are actually easily recycled.

The zoo has joined forces with Clover Environmental Solutions, a company that provides collection services for used mobile phones and other small electronic devices, and has set up a permanent recycling container at the zoo.

It is estimated that there are 80 million unwanted and unused handsets in the UK alone, so the amount of materials that could be recovered is very significant. It is hoped that the recycling container will encourage at least some of the zoo’s annual 500,000 visitors to dispose of their old phones responsibly.

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