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Recycling Roundup 20th November

Recycling Roundup 20th November

Recycling Roundup 20th November

More than 20 extra tonnes of recycling were collected in North East Lincolnshire when new fortnightly collections started recently. Residents have engaged well with the new scheme, and so much more recycling was collected last week than in the same week last year. The new system replaced weekly collections, and residents were concerned about the impact that the changes would have on them. However, the figures have suggested that residents have cooperated and that there has been a considerable increase in the amount of waste being recycled.

More than 5000 residents have signed a petition, asking for recycling bins instead of boxes, to help them cope with the reduced collections.

The council hope to save £430,000 by reducing the collection frequency, and the changes align them with 75% of councils in the UK who have moved to fortnightly collections.

Recycling company Johnson Aggregates & Recycling Limited wants to change the way they operate the recycling centre in Ketley.

They want to extend operating hours from 7am-7pm to 6am-7pm, which would allow 10 pre-loaded HGVs to to take recycled items to development sites where they are required at 7am. Every day, the changes to working hours would mean that 50 HGVs would come and go from the site. The company also wants to change the layout of the site that the recycling centre is on, to make it easier for vehicles to move around.

Residents have opposed the proposed changes, because they are concerned about the number of HGVs travelling to and from the centre. They say that the main access road to the premises is not wide enough for the HGVs, and that an increase in the number of these larger vehicles would increase the risk of accidents. They are also concerned about the noise that the vehicles would be making, which they fear would be a disturbance to those living nearby. There is also a school in close proximity to the site, which has increased safety fears.

The company has argued that the changes will improve safety on the site and prevent the HGVs backing up on nearby roads.

The previous operator, Greenway, went into administration and left the site piled up with waste, so the new company want to remove the waste and develop the site to make it safer and more efficient.

Telford Council are considering the company’s application.

Read more at https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/local-hubs/telford/2017/11/13/residents-against-new-plans-for-telford-recycling-site/#AHzY1RZZj5V8vHg3.99

General Waste and Recycling

Households in Cornwall could have their recycling collected weekly along with their food waste under proposals being considered by the council.

The council's Neighbourhoods Overview and Scrutiny Committee has recommended that the council make changes to how general waste and recycling is collected from 2020 onwards, and the recommendations include collecting recycling every week, and providing residents with kitchen and kerbside food waste caddies. Waste that is not recyclable will be collected fortnightly.

The council said that evidence from other local authorities who had adopted similar schemes suggested that Cornwall could increase its recycling rate from the 35.7% to the national target of 50% by 2020. The council added that the proposals were put together after looking at expert evidence, and that they would meet the needs of residents, increase recycling rates, and be good value for money.

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