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Recycling Roundup 21st May

Recycling Roundup 21st May

Recycling Roundup 21st May

Residents in West Lothian have been angered about a spate of fly-tipping in the area, much of which has happened only 400 yards from a recycling centre. Mattresses, wardrobes, and slabs of stone are among the rubbish that has been dumped. More than 1200 residents are so disgusted that they have taken pictures of the rubbish and posted it on Facebook.

The council cancelled free household bulky waste collections earlier this month. Some people have blamed the surge in fly-tipping on the fact that the council now charges £25 for collecting bulky waste and people aren’t allowed to take their own vans to the recycling centres.

The council stated that the fly-tipping has nothing to do with the charge and that people with vans can apply for a permit to use the recycling centre. They added that the area has also recently been used as an ‘unauthorised encampment.’

Council bosses also said that some of the waste was commercial building materials which should have been taken to an appropriate disposal facility. Dumping waste is illegal whether you’re a resident or a business, and the council have urged people to report incidences of fly-tipping to them online.

Dumping Waste

Dundee city council is considering removing recycling bins from a community because of constant fly-tipping. Residents of Eriskay Drive in Mill o’ Mains often leave bags and boxes of unrecyclable waste next to the bins which are only meant for bottles and cardboard.

The council has sent a letter to residents, pointing out the problem and asking them for their views about the proposed removal of the bins. A local councillor has voiced his concerns about the move, saying that taking away the bins will only make the problem worse.

Plastic food pots, tubs, and trays can now be recycled for the first time in Somerset. The county’s recycling sites are accepting yoghurt pots, margarine, fruit, and other foods as well as plastic bottles as part of a drive to transform waste services and to stop sending rubbish to landfill from 2020. There will also be a roll out of weekly kerbside collections for bulky but light plastics.

The council introduced the new plastic recycling service after successful trials of kerbside collections. There are rules to abide by though. Residents must remove all foil, film covers, and cardboard attached, discard all lids and caps from plastic bottles, rinse out food residue and squash items up to make room for more recycling. Residents will not be able to recycle cling film, carrier bags, black sacks, bubble wrap, plastic plant or paint pots, plastic toys, CD cases, garden furniture or car parts.

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