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Recycling Roundup 24th June

Recycling Roundup 24th June

Recycling Roundup 24th June

Around three quarters of the aluminium drinks cans that were sold in the UK last year were recycled according to data from Alupro, the aluminium recycling body. This is a 3% increase from 2017. The overall aluminium packaging recycling rate is 52%, and this includes foil trays, aerosols, bottle caps and tin foil. This is a 1% increase on the previous year.

Alupro runs several recycling initiatives aimed at encouraging consumers to recycle more. One of these is MetalMatters, which focuses on improving the rate of recycling collected and reprocessed in as part of local authority recycling schemes. Another scheme they run is Every Can Counts, which aims to encourage people to recycle more cans when they consume drinks ‘on the go.’

A spokesperson for Alupro said that it’s delighted that more cans are being recycled than ever before and added that within as little as 60 days, a recycled can could be back on the shelves as a new can.

Cheltenham Borough Council has reassured residents on Bournside Road in the Up Hatherley area of the town that none of the recyclable waste they put out for collection has been sent to landfill. This comes after residents saw their recycling being loaded onto a general waste lorry instead of a recycling lorry. A council spokesperson said that the only reason the different vehicle was used was that the road had been missed on ‘catch-up Saturday’ an extra collection day added to collect any recycling missed over the bank holiday weekend. She added that the recycling was sorted at a recycling facility and none of it was sent to landfill.

Recycling collections in East Sussex are set to change later this month. From 28th June, residents won’t be able to recycle Tetra Pak cartons as part of their normal household collections. This is due to the complexity of separating the different materials used to manufacture this type of packaging. Residents will also no longer need to separate out glass from their recycling and it can now be mixed in with everything else.

The changes to collections are happening because Hastings, Rother and Wealden councils are changing their waste collection contractor to Biffa from the previous contractor Kier. Eastbourne Borough Council is not moving to Biffa and has chosen to set up a Local Authority Controlled Company to run the service on its behalf.

Under the new contract, East Sussex County Council will be responsible for disposing of recycling waste once it has been collected. It has appointed Viridor to be in charge of the disposal from the end of June.

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