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Recycling Roundup 25th September

Recycling Roundup 25th September

Recycling Roundup 25th September

The Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group has said that it is striding towards its goal of ensuring that the majority of UK retailers will have facilities for recycling paper cups by 2020.

There are around 4000 recycling points to date, and big names like Costa, Starbucks, and McDonalds are increasing the number of collection points in their premises.

The group will be funding a number of projects and research studies including Keep Scotland Beautiful’s Litter Composition Study over the next few months as well as looking at how the sorting of cups can be improved at materials recovery facilities in the UK.

They say that they are proud to have got some big retailers on board to aid their goal of the majority of paper cups being recovered and reprocessed, and that they are all now working together towards a common goal.

The group recognises that there are challenges in terms of changing consumer behaviour, and considerations about the logistics of installing more collection points but they say that they are determined to meet their targets.

Paper Cups

A huge fire engulfed a recycling centre in Bolton, and the smoke spread across the city. Around 40 firefighters arrived to tackle the blaze at the facility, which is run by waste management firm Viridor. The facility was cordoned off due to the fire, which is believed to have started within one of the buildings on the site. It spread through 3 floors, and caused the roof to collapse. The fire service is due to conduct an investigation when the area is deemed safe enough.

A trip to your local rubbish tip could cost you £10 if new proposals on charges for waste disposal are introduced.

Charges are being introduced in Oxfordshire from 1st October, despite the fact that the government said that they would ban fees.

Anti-litter groups fear that the charges will contribute even more to the growing problem of fly-tipping across the area, and charges will hit those who like their DIY hard, as fees are set to range from £1.50 for disposal of a bag of soil or a sink, to £10 to get rid of a sheet of plasterboard. Disposing of a car tyre will set you back £5.

The government have just tightened up the litter laws, with fly-tippers getting bigger fines, though Oxfordshire council have not followed the government’s recommendation that they should not charge residents for disposal of waste.

But in the face of austerity, many local councils have stated that if they don’t start charging for use of the rubbish tips and recycling centres, they may have to reduce opening hours or close them altogether.

Many local authorities, including Surrey and Dorset, already charge residents for using the tips in their area.

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