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Recycling Roundup 26th March

Recycling Roundup 26th March

Recycling Roundup 26th March

A recycling business based in Lancashire is hoping to create jobs after they secured £575,000 in funding. Lancashire Waste Recycling specialises in turning household waste into fuel.

They’ve secured the funding from Lancashire Rosebud Finance and NPIF - FW Capital Debt Finance, as part of the Northern Powerhouse Fund. The company will invest in new plant, expanding their operations, and creating at least 15 new jobs over the next 3 years.

Fund for Recycling Business

Copeland council has listened to residents and is set to offer free lids for its new recycling boxes. A new recycling scheme is set to start in April which will see 5 separate materials collected at the kerbside. The council planned to charge for the lids, but when residents pointed out that the lids would make recycling far easier, and that they should be free, the council changed its mind. The free lids will be available at roadshows the council are holding to answer questions residents might have about the new recycling scheme.

The council is asking residents to only use the lids for storing recycling, and they should be removed when the waste is put out for collection. They are also advising residents to stack their recycling boxes with the heaviest box on top, (which is the green box for glass) to stop recycling from blowing away.

A council in Melbourne has been criticised for going through residents’ rubbish to check they are recycling correctly. The city of Maribyrnong has hired auditors to check rubbish and hand out report cards to people who put recyclables in their general waste bin. The report cards say 'Oh no! We ask one small favour. Please do not put recyclable items in your garbage bin.'

The council hired the auditors to boost recycling rates after figures revealed that residents in Maribyrnong recycle 33% of their rubbish, which is much less than the rest of Melbourne.

The council reacted to the criticism by saying that monitoring recycling in Melbourne was nothing new and that some councils put cameras inside of bins.

Critics have called the move an invasion of privacy. The auditors began working on behalf of the council 5 months ago and they are responsible for monitoring 10,000 homes.

Read more at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5520875/Melbourne-council-pawing-residents-bins.html#ixzz5APKSjwkE


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