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Recycling Roundup 6th February

Recycling Roundup 6th February

Recycling Roundup 6th February


Starbucks has rolled out new paper cup recycling bins in 20 of its stores across Central and West London to help to tackle the problem of single-use coffee cup waste. The company is encouraging customers who buy takeaway cups to return them to the store, pour away any liquid, remove the lid and sleeve, then stack the cup so it can be recycled. The initiative is part of The Hubbub Square Mile Challenge where businesses city-wide are introducing recycling facilities for coffee cups.

 Starbucks Cup


An environmental management firm has launched a scheme to support waste and recycling projects in local communities. Veolia’s Recycling Fund for Communities will give £1,000 to 50 different projects across London, and the money will help to buy equipment and materials, plus pay the expenses of the project’s volunteers. The company hopes that it will inspire people to dispose of their waste properly and to reuse and recycle materials wherever possible.


A recycling centre was temporarily closed after staff found a rocket launcher in a skip! The 3ft long launcher was found when staff were sorting through rubbish at the tip in Exmouth. Police were contacted and the facility was closed as a precaution until the weapon was disposed of. The council confirmed that the weapon was redundant as it had no firing mechanism on it.


The Welsh borough of Caerphilly has exceeded its recycling targets after recycling figures increased during Christmas week. More than 140 tonnes of recycling was collected during the festive period, including 10% more food waste and 40% more brown bin waste. The local authority has praised residents for helping the borough to achieve its targets. The local authority said that it tried to make recycling easy for residents and has provided them with a lot of information on how to recycle correctly.


Recyclable Waste


Around 2,000 households in Holyhead will be provided with trolley boxes for their recyclable waste. Anglesey has had them since last year, since bin collections were reduced to every 3 weeks. The local authority say that the boxes have received good feedback from residents, who said they were more convenient to use than having separate boxes. Anglesey currently has a recycling rate of just over 59% and the local authority is trying to meet the strict government target of 64% by 2019. If this trial is a success, the local authority plan to seek more government grants to extend the trolley boxes to every household. 

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