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Top Food Recycling Bins

Food Recycling Bins

How much food waste goes into your household waste bin? According to Wrap, 70% of the food we throw away is edible. However, instead of eating it, we send it to landfill where it rots away and contributes to climate change. You could be recycling it instead. Want a top food recycling bins? Here are our picks.

Why Recycle Food Waste?

Of course, not creating waste in the first place is the best option. However, putting it in a food recycling bin will also protect the planet and it’s gentler on your wallet too. The same WRAP figures also show that the average family throws away £70 worth of food every month. Food for thought.

How Food Waste Harms the Planet

It Contributes to Climate Change

When food waste rots in landfill, it gives off greenhouse gases like methane which contributes to global warming.

Wasting Food Wastes Precious Resources

All that energy, water, and those natural resources that go into making and transporting our food? They go to waste when food ends up in your rubbish bin.

What Happens to My Food Waste When it’s Recycled?

If your council provides a food waste collection service, your waste will either;

  • Go to a huge composting unit where it’s heated and turned into compost;
  • Go to an anaerobic digester. The food waste is broken down in sealed tanks. The process creates natural biogas that we can turn into renewable energy. There’s also a nutrient-rich fertiliser left over after the process which can be used on farmland. According to Biogen UK, every tonne of food waste recycled by anaerobic digestion prevents up to a tonne of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Our Top Food Recycling Bins

Looking for a practical, stylish receptacle to collect your food waste and prevent nasty odours in your kitchen? Here are our top food recycling bins.

  1. Joseph Joseph Food Waste Caddy

Want to recycle your food waste but don’t have the space for a food recycling bin? This kitchen food waste caddy will make recycling food waste super easy. It’s durable and spacious, and it has an odour filter to stop smells from escaping. Its compact design means it sits neatly on any worktop and it comes in three colours to complement your kitchen.

  1. General and Kitchen Combination Waste Bin 75 Litres

Looking for a good all-rounder? This food waste recycling bin is the perfect choice for busy family kitchens. It’s durable, easy to wipe clean and the close-fitting aperture stops odours from escaping. It has a generous 75-litre capacity for general household waste and a 5-litre removable caddy for food waste. All of this in one space-saving bin.

  1. Hailo Trento Oko 3 Compartment Pedal Bin

Is style just as important to you as substance? This food waste recycling bin is one of our best sellers. Made from top-quality stainless steel or corrosion-resistant steel, this bin comes in 5 on-trend colours. It doesn't just look the part. It’s got three colour-coded recycling caddies with handles to help you separate recyclables, general waste, and food waste at the source. Its ergonomic foot pedal also means your hands don’t have to go anywhere near the bin. Hygienic and easy food waste disposal at its best.

What To Do If My Council Doesn’t Offer Food Waste Recycling?

You can always try composting your waste. No matter how vigilant you are, there are some types of food waste you just can’t avoid like egg shells and tea bags. Start a compost heap and you’ll cut right down on food waste as well as having some lovely free mulch for your garden.

Ready to start recycling your food waste? Check out our range to find the perfect food recycling bin for your space. For more interesting articles on all things recycling, check out the rest of our blog.

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