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Top 10 Office Recycling Bins

office recycling bins

You want your business to up its recycling game, but which recycling bins should you invest in? You need quality recycling bins that are going to fit into your space and not break the bank. Here are our top 10 office recycling bins.

The best small capacity office recycling bins

The winner: 30 Litre Recycling Bin with Colour Coded Lids

The runner-up: Plastic push lid recycling bin 28 litres

When you work in a small office you don't have to lose your space! Our 30-litre recycling bins not only look good, they also mean you can collect recycling without taking up much space! They are easy to clean and are perfect for every situation. They are a great option for creating a recycling station with their colour-coded lid and recycling sticker. Our very close second choice hold 28 litres of waste and are colour coded to suit your needs!

The best quality office recycling bins

The winner: Mini meridian duo recycling bin 87 litres

The runner-up: Mini meridian triple aperture recycling bin 87 litres

The Mini Meridian range is up there with the best of the best, with unrivalled quality they are worldbeater. Holding a large amount of recycling waste they can turn your office into a tidy haven. The government WRAP compliant colour-coded lids make all recycling easy and simple. They fit perfectly in corridors or narrow walkways so you can recycle without sacrificing your workspace. We close the duo over the triple as the large aperture means most office recycling will fit into it, even those pesky cardboard boxes!

The most durable office recycling bins

The winner: Open top 90-litre recycling bins

The runner-up: Open top 45-litre recycling bin

If you’re going to invest in an office recycling bin, you are going to want a recycling bin that’s made to last. These bins are made from lightweight durable plastic and there are options for all kinds of recyclable and general waste. You just need to decide whether the larger or smaller capacity office recycling bin suits you best. The 45-litre bin is large enough to collect a fair amount of waste but compact enough to fit neatly next to a desk or workstation. Both options are amazingly durable and will keep your office recycling in shape for a long time!

The best office recycling bins for a small office

The winner: Envirostack triple 96 litres

The runner-up: Stackable recycling container 45 litres

When you are short on floor space, why not make use of your vertical space? Our stackable office recycling bins will help you recycle even when space is at a premium, meaning that you can recycle and not fall over it while walking around your office! You can stack them against desks or on top of filing cabinets and voila, you have your own vertical recycling station. The best option for saving space around your office!

The best budget-friendly office recycling bins

The winner: Pack of 5 60-litre cardboard recycling bins

The runner-up: 30 Litre Recycling Bin with Colour Coded Lids

Upping your recycling game doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Cardboard recycling bins are great value for money and are cheaper than plastic or metal bins. As long as you use bin liners with these, they will last months or possibly even years. They’re also 100% recyclable when you’re done with them. Want office recycling bins that are value for money and sustainable? You've got it. Our second place option is still brilliant value for money

We’re sure that whatever you want from your office recycling bins, there’s something to suit you in our range. For more articles on all things recycling, check out the rest of our blog.

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