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Five Fantastic Tips to Reuse rubbish

Five Fantastic Tips to Reuse rubbish

Five Fantastic Tips to Reuse Rubbish


What better way to save money and do your bit to help the environment than by having a bit of fun recycling rubbish. Here are five simple ideas to make the most out of those things you normally wouldn’t think twice about throwing away:


1. Cut one A4 sized piece out of the left-over cardboard packaging from your recent flat-screen television purchase and decorate it with leftover wallpaper. Glue the back of a peg to the top-centre of the card, ensuring that the peg will still open, and hook your readymade letter holder to the wall. The peg will secure all your bills and correspondence, against a stylish backdrop, in a clearly visible place, where nothing will be mislaid.

2. Save up nine empty, plastic Coke bottles (our friends from north of the border can use Irn-Bru). Remove the labels and decorate as desired. Find a pair of old socks with holes in, which you’ve been meaning to throw out for some time, roll them into a ball, and secure with an elastic band. You now have everything required to enjoy a safe, fun game of skittles, with all the family, in the comfort of your living room.

3. When someone special's birthday is just around the corner, there’s no need to spend a fortune on the latest kitchen gadgets. Simply peel the label off your empty pickled onion jar, write ‘utensils' on a white, sticky label, and carefully place the label on the centre of the jar. There you have it, a handy place to store all those wooden spoons, spatulas and things. Alternately, just save two of the cardboard tubes that are found at the end of a roll of toilet paper, glue them together, and let your imagination run away with you whilst decorating them. The less creative, or more business-minded, amongst you might choose to contract the final stage out to your five-year-old.

4. Take one empty, large, plastic bottle of milk. Pierce the lid several times with a fork and fill the bottle with water. Now, whenever there’s a dry spell, you can care for your plants without the need to find the watering can, which is inevitably right at the back of the shed, underneath the bags of dried grass.

5, Those of you who are proficient at this sort of thing will probably already tear up your old clothes to use as dusters and cloths, but why not go a bit further? With a few carefully placed stitches and, if you’re really good, the addition of a zip, you’ve got a readymade cushion cover. The trick is to select the clothing you use wisely, for example, your old, paint-covered overalls resting on top of the new sofa is a no-go!

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