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Interesting Items Made from Recycled Tyres - Oddities From the US

Interesting Items Made from Recycled Tyres - Oddities From the US

Interesting Items Made From Recycled Tyres

The latest fashion trends may leave you feeling slightly run over. That is because they include clothing made from old rubber tyres. Yes, apparel made from rubber tyres is just one of items making their way from the rubbish tip, to the catwalk and to the high street. Clothing made from old rubber tyres look and feel like those made from more common materials.

Many say that the items are more comfortable than cotton-based coating. For cleaning, a dash of Armor All and you'll be simply dazzling!

Clothing and Accessories

A number of accessories are also being constructed from old rubber tyres. Wallets, pouches, bags, purses and backpacks are now being made from the large volume of tyres that need to be recycled.

One online retailer features a Recycled Rubber tyre Wallet for 18 US dollars. Using reclaimed inner tubes, a company in El Salvador is making eco-friendly products from waste. These wallets are guaranteed to keep your paper money dry and not to slip if your drop them!

Similar accessories appeared for about the same price, usually under 30 US dollars. The manufacturers claim that their Cosmetic Pouch is extra durable and lightweight.

Other apparel applications include more traditional applications such as rainproof boots, fishing boots, and rubber soles. Belts and novelty items are also hitting the stores.

Rubber tyres present a myriad of problems for the environment. They are slow to degrade, smell bad, and capture rainwater that can breed mosquitoes. Turning tyres into usable goods in an incredible solution to the old rubber tyre problem.

Consider that in the USA alone, over 262 million old tyres became waste problems in 2007. Emerging nations are driving more and that means more tyres that were hitting the road will soon be hitting the landfill.

Upcycled Tyres

Shingles and Pavements

There are many uses for old rubber tyres; one firm manufactures waterproof roofing shingles. These are lightweight and easy to install. They meet all the regulations of standard shingles and perform as well, if not better. Many flat roofs also contain reused rubber tyres.

Rubber tyres are ground into bits and used in asphalt pavement. This material is also used as a base in concrete. This low-cost concrete is just as sturdy as that made with gravel aggregate and can be used in any housing application in which concrete is required.

Flooring is another construction item in which old rubber tyres play a role. Skating rinks, fitness centres, dance studios and day care centres often have floors prepared from recycled rubber tyres. Under flooring made from rubber absorbs sound and makes for a more pliant floor which is more comfortable to walk on.

Of course, rubber matting for indoor and outdoor application can be made from recycled rubber.

Shredded rubber tyres are deployed on playgrounds and sold commercially as "mulch." Landscapers and consumers love it because unlike organic mulch, recycled rubber tyre mulch lasts many years. The rubber can also help to control erosion.

Cow stalls and horse stables also benefit from this type of product. The rubber flooring is cheap and easy to clean. It also provides a more comfortable surface to stand on for man and animal.

One enterprising company has found that old rubber tyres can be recycled into coffee tables and other lightweight household furnishings. Stair treads made from recycled rubber offer great traction at a low cost.

Transportation and Trucking, Mouse Pads and Sound Barriers

Here is a list of unique items made for the transportation and trucking industry: rubber docks, buoys, mooring, track pads, speed bumps, wheel chocks, truck trail pads, traffic cones and other safety items.

Mouse pads, coasters, and other light duty items for use in the home or office are also now being made from recycled rubber tyres. In fact, promotional materials such as ink pens, pencils, stress balls and other squeeze toys for the office now incorporate old rubber tyres.

Recycled rubber tyres are used in the manufacture of Whisper Wall, a sound proofing noise barrier that absorbs sound. This product is excellent for music studios, radio stations, hospital rooms, schools, and even rooms in the home where soundproofing is desirable.

In commercial buildings, such items as handrails, corner guards, door bumpers and kick plates, production line flooring and other durable items are being made from this plentiful recyclate.

The trend is increasing and the benefits are mounting with every tyre that is kept from the local landfill. Tyres wear out a lot faster than they degrade. With a plentiful supply of tyres for the future, it only makes good sense that manufacturers find a way to recycle the tyres rather than plopping them down to slowly rot over the next decade or so.

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