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Ways to upcycle a glass jar

Ways to upcycle a glass jar

Ways to Upcycle a Glass Jar


A great way to cut down on your household waste is to reuse your rubbish. This may sound disgusting at first, but a tin can or glass jar can easily be repurposed and given a whole new lease of life. With a coat of paint, a few ribbons or by simply rinsing it out, you could have a beautiful ornament or useful storage system for your home. We’ve gathered together our favourite ideas for upcycling glass jars, which are sure to inspire even the biggest craft-a-phobes!

 1. Use it for storage

Jars are designed for storage, so why not reuse them for what Mother Nature (or rather, Mrs Dolmio) intended? Tidy all sorts away, from office stationery, to grooming supplies and even kitchen cupboard essentials. Keep colourful spices in the small clear containers for a rustic kitchen feel, or add a lick of paint to match them up with your home décor. Moreover, throw away the lids to make easily accessible pencil pots for your desk.


2. Create a light show

Providing that you are careful to only use non-flammable materials, jars can make very attractive lanterns by simply popping a tea light or small candle inside. A great addition to your home or partyware, these charming lamps will add a DIY touch to any space. If you are especially fire-conscious, invest in some battery operated tea lights for a completely hazard-free project.


Lantern Jars


3. Grow some plants

Feeling floral? Add a bohemian theme to your home by using lidless glass jars as vases or planters. Simply fill with water or soil like you would usually and then arrange your flowers or seeds accordingly. These cute handmade features will look the part on a windowsill and brighten up any room.


Jar Planters


4. Give a rubbish gift

Present a small gift to a friend by filling a jar full of their favourite treasures. Sweets and chocolates are always a good call, and the airtight design of the jar will keep them fresh for longer. Meanwhile, if you want to really treat them, pop in a few miniature pampering products to create a tiny hamper – the jar will fit nicely in their bathroom cabinet as well as protect the contents from steam and water. You can buy small products from the travel aisle of the supermarket, or ask for sample size pots at beauty counters.


5. Turn it into a drinking glass

We’ve all seen the new trend of drinking and eating from these old-fashioned containers, whether it be in your local bar or on your Instagram feed, and as they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. Fill ‘em up with some fresh lemonade (or Pimm’s!) or even make some overnight oats for tomorrow’s breakfast if you’re on a health kick.


6. Bust the boredom

Let the little ones get creative and gather up all your craft essentials for an arty afternoon. Use paint, feathers, buttons and whatever else you can find to revamp the would-be rubbish to make new ornaments and storage solutions for their bedrooms. A brilliant boredom-buster for the school holidays and weekends too – it’s a win-win!


Have you ever considered reusing your rubbish? We’d love to know how! Share your ideas on our Facebook and Twitter pages. 


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