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Upcycling Projects to Try : Number 4: Jewellery Stand

Upcycling Projects to Try : Number 4: Jewellery Stand

Upcycling Project Number Four: Plastic Bottle Jewellery Stand

The problem with plastic bottles

For every 6 plastic bottles that are bought, 5 end up in landfill, or in the ocean. Plastic bottles take hundreds of years to degrade, and in the meantime, toxins leach into the land, into waterways, and this damages the environment and harms wildlife.

The production of plastic bottles is also a problem for the environment, as the process requires crude oil to make it.

The growth of plastic

We live in a throwaway society now. Plastics are used more often than glass, as plastic is cheaper. While this is good news for companies, it’s bad news for the environment, as while plastics can be recycled, the quality of the material degrades when it’s recycled, so a lot of it still ends up in landfill.

It’s not too late to change things

Looking after the environment is everyone’s business. If we all made a few changes to the way we use plastics, then we could at least limit the damage that is being done to our planet. Reuse plastic wherever possible, by refilling water bottles with tap water for example. Invest in a reusable mug for your coffee; either take one with you, or chains such as Starbucks sell reusable cups which cost from £1.

Upcycling project: Reuse your plastic bottles to make a stylish jewellery stand

Are you sick of looking for a particular item of jewellery then finding nothing but a tangled mess in your jewellery box or drawer? Well now you can do something about it. Try making this pretty jewellery stand from some green plastic bottles. Yes, plastic bottles. It costs next to nothing to make and you’re helping the environment in the bargain, what’s not to love?

What you will need:

4 plastic bottles: 2 x 2 litre, 1 x 1 litre, 1 x 20 oz (You can experiment with different colours)

Utility knife


12-inch-long piece of rod

Nuts and washers

A rotary tool (optional)

Step 1

Cut the bottoms of the bottles with the utility knife to make trays, then trim them with the scissors so they look neater. The shallower the tray, the more they look like a flower, which will add to making your jewellery stand look pretty.

Step 2

Drill holes that are the same size as your threaded rod in the centre of each tray.

Step 3

Cut as far down into the plastic as possible with the scissors, and then if you want a smooth finish, use a rotary tool to smooth any jagged edges. If you have safety goggles, wear them!

Step 4

Now you are ready to put your jewellery stand together. Slide each tray on to the rod, and space them out evenly. Secure each tray with the washers and nuts. Use the base of the 2-litre bottle as the base of the stand, you just need to turn it upside down.

To make it pretty, add a detail such as a glass bead to the top nut.

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