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IKEA Launches Furniture Buy Back Scheme

Ikea are launching a furniture buy back scheme, customers can now return their old Ikea furniture for a voucher for up to 50% of the original selling value to be used in store against new furniture

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In The News: Network Rail Launching Coffee Cup Recycling Scheme

Network Rail are just about to launch a new campaign for coffee cup recycling in their stations, during the pandemic the amout of users reduced but now customers are on the rise making this a perfect time for this initiave to be launched

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Post-Lockdown Buying Spree’ Leads to Record Electronics Recycling

Ever since lockdown there has been an increase in the sales of electronics and to prove this a e-waste recycling centre in Ireland has had its busiest month in 15 years 

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Make-Up, Not Make Waste: L’Oréal Launches UK Make Up Recycling Scheme

In the news this week, L'Oreal are looking at launching their very own Make Up Recycling Scheme, the beauty industry alone creates 120 billion units of packaging globally each year.

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In the News: The National Battery Recycling Campaign

The top headline this week is based around batteries and how they can be successfully recycled or recharged.

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In the News: The Top Recycling and Waste Stories Making the Headlines

The top headlines from this week all centre around dissatisfaction with waste in and around local areas, accompanied by a large number of key statistics that are quite shocking and thought-provoking to read through.

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In the News: WRAP Recycling Plastic

This week we highlight the issues with plastic waste and the recycling processes involved. We also advise on how you can recycle and reuse your plastics at home.

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In the News: The Top Recycling Stories Making the Headlines

This week we discuss how you can get involved in one of the most important recycling events of the year.

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In the News: Recycling Old Tyres

This week we explore the options available to recycle old tyres and innertubes, also we let you know how you can be as green as possible when cycling.

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In the News: Children ‘Telling Off’ Parents

This week's stories focus on the generational divide in knowledge and understanding when it comes to recycling, and also what more can be done as a family to help clean up the planet.

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