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Could Plastic Eating Enzyme Revolutionise Recycling?

Scientists at the University of Portsmouth have accidentally discovered an enzyme which can digest plastic, which could revolutionise recycling.  The enzyme is PETase which is a nautrally occuring bacteria which was first discovered in a Japanese recycling centre back in 2016.

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Coca Cola Introduces Plans for a More Sustainable Packaging Strategy

Coca Cola has plans to unveil a new strategy to reduce packaging waste in Western Europe, they set out a sustainability action plan with a number of targets to included the recycled plastic contentof its PET bottles to 50% by 2025 and work towards making 100% of their packaging recyclable or resusable, this is called the 'This is Forward' campaign.  

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The Ocean Rescue Campaign

Sky have had great success with their campaigns in recent times, for example the rainforest campaign managed to save 1 billion trees in Brazil, and now they are turning their attention to the problem with plastic in the ocean. It is not impossible to reduce this, we can all start by recycling the plastic bottles we use.

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